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Would you like to say hello? Would you like to fuck me? Give feedback? Tell me to fuck off? 

I welcome comments and discussion on my posts, but if you'd rather communicate with me a bit more privately, there are several ways.

The best and often fastest way to reach me is by email at

You can send me a message on my Flickr. You have to be logged in to see most of my pictures, though, because they're mostly very dirty pictures.

I'm normally logged in to both Skype and Discord. On Skype, the best way to find me is by my email address. 

On Discord, I'm Beth#8939. Not gonna lie, I have no fucking clue how to search for people on Discord - so I guess try the Beth#8939, or my email address or @Beth8939 or @Beth#8939. Something should work.

You can send me a notecard in Second Life - my name is Beth Macbain. I prefer notecards to IMs because I'm frequently either introverting or fucking, and I'd rather not be disturbed during either of those activities. 

So go ahead, reach out and touch... me.

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