About Me

Beth is Beth, in Second Life and in real life.

Though the Beth you all know lives solely in Second Life, I'm very much the same person in both worlds or, at least, as much as I possibly can be.

Second Life Beth is a bit more open, and a lot more free sexually speaking. Not that RL Beth isn't into all the very same things, but I do have to be a bit more discreet in the real world. Okay, a lot more! I love my job and I'd like to keep in for another 20 or so years until it's time to retire! And my family absolutely doesn't need to know a thing about Beth Macbain's antics!

However, though, I do share a lot from each Beth in the other world. My real world family and friends know about Second Life. They know I'm a photographer and blogger. They know I've made incredible friends and had long term relationships in Second Life. They do not, nor will they ever, know the name Beth Macbain.

Conversely, I have no problem sharing a bit about RL Beth in Second Life. Never my RL name, of course, but I can share that I'm 50, I live in Kentucky, and my name truly is Beth. I'm single, no kids (unless you count furry children... and I do), I've battled (and won!) depression my entire life, I'm an introvert and I'm fiscally and socially liberal as all fuck.

I don't play a role in Second Life. I simply am who I am.

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