Thursday, August 27, 2020

Fulfilling My Dirty Bucket List

Edit: I have changed this post since I now have land on Zindra exclusively for fucking any and all. Instead of my mainland house, you can find me on Zindra in the Fazio region.

Hello lovelies!

I'm sure many of you think I've done all the filthy things it's possible to do in Second Life, but I actually haven't. There are some things I'd love to try but either haven't had the courage to do it, or the opportunity. 

  • I want to be gangbanged, but I've never found a group of men who will respect me and not just act like jackasses that don't worry about whether or not I orgasm. I want the gangbang to be about my pleasure, as well as the gentlemen involved.
  • I want to be in an orgy. This one is harder than it sounds because I get absolutely turned off by people who emote poorly, and I don't want the action to be controlled by one person. If I'm with someone, or several someones, and I'm enjoying myself, I don't want someone to suddenly hit the swap button and find myself with someone I'm uninterested in right before I'm about to squirt all over my fingers, or whatever toy I've got between my thighs. Just like in a real orgy, permission should be sought, but it's also no fun if it's just couples or people who don't ever want to switch. 
  • I want to put myself on display for free use of anyone who wants to fuck me. 
  • I want to try AFK sex, both being the AFK party, and being the one who climbs on top of an AFK man and uses him for my pleasure.
  • I want to go to a BDSM playground and open my RLV for everyone so I can get fucked and beaten and used and tossed around until I'm crying, cumming, covered in welts and bruises, and utterly destroyed.
  • I want to find a group of people, both men, women, and trans, who are all into quality, as well as quantity, when it comes to lovers. A group that gets together in a large group, or smaller groups, for sex parties.

One of these I'm attempting me fulfill now. Well, two actually, but combined into one. 

I've always wanted to try the AFK sex thing, more as a curiosity thing than anything else. I have a feeling, though, that going to an AFK sex place and plopping myself down would result in approximately nothing happening because I have no idea if anyone actually even visits those places. I think it would end up being terribly disappointing. This is also NOT a commercial venture. I don't want, or need, your money. This is about pleasure.

The other is making my body available for free use - not necessarily AFK, but actually as an active participant in having strangers use me in any way they wish. To allow myself to be completely at their mercy, and to do anything they desire. 

With the pandemic, I'm now working from home almost exclusively, which means I can be logged into SL all day long. A few weeks ago, a little sliver of land came up for sale next to my mainland parcel so I snapped it up. It's weirdly shaped, and my parcel has no water access, so I built a water-filled rock quarry in the cliffs using that land, and I love how it's turned out. I'm still working on it, but it's coming along nicely.

And, of course, all the floats and furniture I've decorated it with are adult. No matter what I'm sitting or sprawling on, anyone could come along and fuck me. I do need to put out some things for woman on woman action (I'm an equal-opportunity fuck) as well as some group sex things.

So I'm going to tell you where to find me. If I'm in the quarry, I want to be used. Don't worry... parcel privacy is turned on. No one can see us unless they enter the property as well, and if they do, that's on them when they get an eyeful.

This fulfills two of my fantasies if this works. First, of course, is making myself free for anyone to use. 

Secondly, since I'm technically working my real job, I may or may not actually be there, so I can indulge in my AFK fantasies. I may be watching but unable to participate due to being in a Zoom meeting. The only sign that I might actually be watching us is if I open my mouth when I see you want to fuck my throat. You may see my facial expressions change. My pussy might get a little creamy and spread for your use, or my asshole. Or I might not be there at all, and come back to find myself all wet and messy and gooey with your cum. I may be able to be an active participant and fuck you right back. 

Is there already someone else there? Take a seat and watch, or join in if I'm on something that allows for threesomes or moresomes.

Before I tell you where to find me, I do have a couple of requests. If I'm on my property, but not at the quarry, please leave me be. My house is only for me and those I invite. If I'm AFK, I won't be able to stop you, but if I'm there, you'll get banned and kicked. I'm working on subdividing the quarry, but for some reason it's not working for me right now. 

Feel free to take pics, but please show them to me before you post them anywhere, and I will do the same. No one shows up on my Flickr or in this blog without me asking for permission first. Please show me the same respect.

Finally, no, we don't need to be friends. If you extend the offer, I'm going to decline it. This is about strangers fucking like raw, wild, primal animals. Not to say you can only visit once. Feel free to stop by use me whenever your dick is hard, but we're likely not going to be friends. I keep my list very small. It's nothing personal, I promise.  

My place is on the mainland continent of xxxxx, and my region is xxxxx. I don't own the entire region, but I do have a nice chunk of it and should be easy to find. I'm not giving you a LM to make it too easy - where's the fun in that? 

Oh, and if I'm not around at all? Please feel free to enjoy any of the amenities, including the house. There are several bars scattered around, and a paddock with horses that you may ride. Don't worry if you ride off my land - either just ride them back when you're done, or if you lose them, I can find them. The only horse that isn't available to anyone is Buttercup. She's all mine.

I posted this offer a couple of days ago on Flickr, and one gentleman proved brave enough to come see if my offer was actually valid. I do believe he enjoyed himself quite a bit - we both did. I was able to join in, and we fucked like crazy. Several wicked orgasms for me, and at least one for him that was so good it made him shout in RL. 

References are available if you want to know just how good I am. There are also plenty of men who can verify that I'm truly a woman - they've both heard and seen me. Make no mistake - I am no whore. I'm a sexually open, sex positive, grown-ass woman. If you stop by and start calling me derogatory names or treating me poorly, you're going to get a ban, and likely an absolutely emasculating verbal ass-kicking as well. I don't unsheathe them very often, but I do have claws. 

I am SLT +3, and will normally be around from 9-5ish my time, so 6-2 SLT. 

So what are you waiting for? This is your invitation to fuck me. Don't ask, just take. Use me. Cum in any or all of my holes. Coat me with it. Leave me sated and sloppy.

I promise... I want this. I want you to do this. I wouldn't be making this offer if it wasn't serious. I may withdraw it sometime in the future, but for right now, I want you to fuck me. 


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