Monday, September 3, 2018

Is She...?

Yes, she is!
And why not, right? It's Second Life, after all.

First off, let me just say that I am still, always and forever, anti-creepy prim (or mesh, I suppose) baby. Those things send me right into the uncanny valley of spasms and retching. At the end of this little... whatever it is... there will be no baby.

Mind you, I haven't talked to my baby daddy about that yet, and yes, I do actually know who he is, but that is something I'm just going to have to stand firm on.
So how did this happen?

Years and years ago, I experimented with pregnancy in SL briefly with a former partner. I think I lasted like a week before I ended it because it just felt so freaking weird to me.

I am child-free in RL... I've never had any desire to raise a child. But I have always been curious about what it feels like to be pregnant, but not so curious as to even consider it knowing what happens after nine months when you have take a screaming, crying, shitting, stinky infant home with you. I actually did consider being a surrogate for a minute, but it was a quick minute...

So when one of my lovers let me in on his little pregnancy fetish, I was rather intrigued. I got the Deciduan HUD thingie and went for it. After a few attempts that didn't result in conception, I cranked up the fertility and BOOM, pregnant... lol!
The fun part for me, right now, is seeing the changes in my shape. I found this shape calculator thingie, and have been changing my body in accordance with the week. I'm currently at 27 weeks, and not gonna lie, I think I look sexy as fuck with a big baby-filled belly.

It's weird, too, though. I have been very reluctant about going out to my regular haunts all knocked-up and have switched back and forth between regular-me and pregnant-me, but because I've been growing gradually, it feels very odd to be in my regular shape. 
I did have a little liaison with another of my lovers yesterday. It was his first time seeing me with the belly and I was worried that he'd find it distasteful. 

Yeah, no. While he certainly doesn't have the same pregnancy fetish as the baby daddy, he was quite fond of the belly and couldn't get enough of fucking my pregnant self and leaving his seed all over me, inside and out... and I do so love that.
I can also admit that I'm a little sad that this is going by so fast. I'm already more than halfway through (I sped it up a bit because I love seeing my body changing) and I'm not really looking forward to it being over. I can't wait to see what I look like at 40 weeks! Will I still think I look as sexy as I do now? I've thought about cheating and making the 40 week shape, but I don't want to spoil it... lol!

So will I do this again once this is over? Yeah, I probably will. I'm finding that there are lots of men who love pregnant women, and I'm finding it to be extremely erotic myself. I've discovered some things about myself in this process, namely that I orgasm like crazy watching (some) pregnancy porn. Much of it is rather unsettling due to the treatment of the women, a problem throughout the porn industry, but with a bit of effort in the search, there is some that is just fucking gorgeous and sensual as hell.
And what of this little club I've been planning on opening? Well... the club is finished and ready to open.

And I have absolutely no desire to throw open the doors and welcome people in. Just the thought of the effort it takes... ugh. 

So it's sitting there empty and gorgeous and there is a really excellent chance I'm not going to open it... or it's going to happen in an entirely different form in another location with someone else in charge. We'll see.

Right now, I'm just enjoying being preggers in SL. 
I'm certain it's not for everyone, but I feel sexy as hell. Is that weird? I'm positive that being pregnant in RL doesn't feel sexy like this... morning sickness, swollen ankles, all that crap... don't have to worry about any of that in SL.

But... I feel lush. My breasts are getting bigger, my ass... hips are widening... that swollen belly... it feels decadent. I feel beautiful.

I like it. I never would have thought I'd enjoy being pregnant in SL so much, especially with my distaste for prim babies and SL families. But this part? Growing bigger every day? Yeah... I like this. A lot.

I'm curious to hear from others about their thoughts and experiences with pregnancy in SL. Give me a shout if you have opinions, please! Ladies, does it make you feel beautiful, too? Men? Does it turn you on? Would you fuck me like this?

Do tell...

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