Monday, April 24, 2017

Ah, That's Better...

First of all, THIS guy came back. Not free to say who THIS guy is just now, but he's a dear love of mine from way back. He has stuck by me through thick and thin, and though he hasn't been in SL much, he's never been more than a Kik away from me. And now he's slowly making his way back... to me. He's the one who knows me best, my kinks, my fears, my life. Lover, master, daddy, friend, all rolled into one delicious package.

I'm so glad he's back!
And then I met this guy. A follower of this blog, he approached me and we clicked right away. He's wicked... and a wonderful lover, even though we've only had a chance to fuck once.

It was one of those rare and amazing times when you hop into bed with someone and it's perfect right from the start.
He got down there and took care of me but good... after I had my lips wrapped around his cock for a while. No photos of that, unfortunately... I was too busy making sure he was hard as a rock for me.

He took me to the edge, and pushed me right over... several times. You know what I'm talking about... when you cum and cum and it all just blends together like one massive, head-spinning, toe-curling shattering orgasm.
And when I was weak from his mouth, he gave me what I needed most.

As you all know, I like it kinky and hard, but I love it best in plain old missionary position. I love having a man's weight on top of me, pressing into me, owning me. Fucking me.

He fucked me well enough... exquisitely enough... that I absolutely have to have more of him. Soon.
I love a sexy, nerdy man in glasses. A suit (tossed somewhere on the floor). Mature. No ripped jeans or wife beaters... just a handsome, intelligent, dorky man. One who sheds his cool exterior and gets all primal and raw and dirty with me behind closed doors. 

I can't say life is going too well right now in the real world... and that's a topic for another, more serious, post. Dad is... nearing the end of his long life journey. 

But in SL? Second Life is pretty fucking awesome. With lots of pretty awesome fucking. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I Want Your Sex

Okay, so I know I'm a bit... um... flaky... about whether or not I want a relationship or not.

Honestly, it can change by the day.
Right now, though... oh, Christ, I do NOT want a relationship. My last few attempts have been utter disasters.

And I want no part of that anymore... for the time being.
As usual, though, finding men to fuck has been a challenge. I've written time and time again about how hard it is to find good lovers in SL. If they're funny and intelligent, they've got a system body and a freenis. If they're all meshed and Bento'd out, they're idiots who can't string together a coherent sentence.

Finding someone smart and funny and sexy on the outside as well as the inside is a challenge. Especially when I only want to know them in the carnal sense.
I know you guys think it's a compliment when  you tell me that you want me for something more than a quick dirty fuck, but... er... that's all I want you for right now. And as dommy as you think you are, you don't get to decide for me whether or not it's nothing more than a fuck.

So anyway, I go here, I go there, I perv profiles, I find guys that I think look interesting for a one night stand, then something happens and I lose interest before we even fuck.

That's not me screaming in exasperation, it's a plea to the handsome, intelligent men who read this to come fuck me.

I decided to try something new... someplace new. If any of you know me, you'll know I despise role play. Using third person rather than first is (normally) a big turn off for me. I'm not writing a script when I'm having sex with you. I'm not storing up some wank bank material for later when I'm lying in bed with my vibrator. I don't want to emote an orgasm... I want to have an orgasm.

So I avoid role play sims like the plague. Waiting minutes for someone to type up a response is no way to have sex. If I'm in bed with you in RL, we're not pausing between actions - we're fucking going for it. And when I have sex in SL, I want to do the same thing. I want to fucking go for it. Me, not Beth Macbain as some separate entity - me.
I've known about Mysterium's Masked Mansion for a while. I've even stopped by the landing point several times in the past, and though intrigued, I've always stepped away after reading the rules. RP only. In local.

That is just not my thing. I don't mind having sex in public... hell, I like having sex in public. But the words... to me, those should be private. Mainly because I don't want to feel like I'm performing for an audience but also because from seeing many others fucking in local chat and sounding like idiots, sexy talk just isn't necessarily sexy unless you're one of the participants.

But I found myself back at Mysterium's a week or so ago and decided to give it a go. I was especially drawn in by the promise of the anonymous HUD, but fearful of the prospect of having to fuck in local chat.
My first experience was, predictably, a disaster. A gentleman approached me, and we started flirting. There were others in the room and people were greeting each other. Being courteous as one should be, I returned the greetings and engaged in a little chat with others in the room while also flirting with this fellow. Mind you, nothing of consequence had happened yet. We were at the very beginnings of foreplay when he got into a proverbial sword fight with another man who dared say something to us. Nothing rude, not butting his way into our RP. As a matter of fact, he was leaving and basically telling us to have a good time.

For some reason, Mr. Macho took this as a direct affront to his masculinity and then had the bloody gall to tell me he was now turned off because I spoke to others. What? 

Oh, seriously, go fuck yourself. You're about to have sex in public in a room full of people where the rule is that emoting is done in local chat. Go. Fuck. Yourself.
I've had better luck since then, though. Such as with the gentlemen in these photos. He was handsome and smart, his emotes were sexy and we had a great fuck on the bar.

It's still very difficult for me to stick to the rules, though. When I'm about to orgasm, thinking in paragraphs is a bitch. And when I'm on the edge, waiting for two or three minutes for a response is enough to take me right off the edge. I'm not sure what to do about that.

It doesn't take me long to cum. I can cum multiple times, but it's still weird when I'm having sex with someone, and I say I'm about to cum... and do, in RL, and then get a response a couple minutes later. It's sort of like, "Oh, you're still on that orgasm? I already had that one and moved on..."

But I love the anonymous aspect of Mysterium's. It's the rule. I don't have to feel bad about not wanting to see the guy again after we've fucked because that's sort of the expectation.
So I'm going to keep lurking around Mysterium's, I think. And I'll keep trying to figure out a way to be relatively anonymous AND have the type of sex that actually gets me off all while trying not to break the rules they have in place. 

Are there any other places like this that I'm missing, guys? Maybe someplace that isn't so strict about the RP rules, but not like the Chamber or FMDs where people stand around most decidedly NOT fucking? Help a girl out. I need sex. I need a lot of it. With lots of guys. 

Hell, maybe even at once. Guys with mesh bodies and Bento hands and heads? And NOT Flintstone feet. In suits, not motorcycle gear? Men who are dominant but not arrogant woman-haters? Men who appreciate a sexual woman and don't feel the need to "tame" her? 

Anyone? Bueller? Hello?


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