Monday, February 29, 2016

When It Rains...

... it pours!
My lame attempt at imitating the Morton Salt girl.
Wouldn't you know it?

All it took was for me to post my last entry, and yummy men starting falling from the sky!

And, yes, I met them in those places.

The first one, on Saturday night, was the gentleman we're going to call A.R. There I was, standing in the entryway to Teqi's, profile perving and trying to see if it was worth hanging around and getting frustrated again.

At first glance, I didn't see anything and TPed home... and as soon as I landed I received his IM. I liked what he had to say so I TPed right back. And what a wise decision that was!

A.R. is just delicious. Mature, intelligent, cute as a bug and sexy as fuck. Teqi's was packed and the lag was killing both of us so we went to his place.

He liked my boobs. I mean, he really liked them. Fellas, don't forget the nipples! So many men just sort of give them a cursory squeeze... PLAY WITH THEM! Lots! Like A.R. did!

He liked everything else, too. And he's also not looking for anything serious, YAY! We had a great, sexy time... so much fun we did it again the next morning!
Last night, feeling a new sense of enthusiasm, I ventured off to the Chamber. There was an extremely handsome gentleman, G.T., sort of lurking in the corner. I checked out his profile, and many others, and really liked it. As a matter of fact, he was the only one in the room I found attractive.

I'm really bad about approaching men first. I know that's silly... but I'm rotten at coming up with opening lines and I'm always afraid I'm going to interrupt someone in the midst of some hot sexting. As luck would have it, he IMed me. We chatted for a few minutes, and he asked me to dance. We made our way to the balcony and shared a lovely dance... foreplay, swaying together, touching... a bit of grinding... some kisses and groping.

And I didn't want to fuck him right there... I wanted someplace more private. After a brief your-place-or-mine discussion, we went to his place.

And he knocked my proverbial socks off. God, he was utterly delicious. His mouth between my thighs... and mine between his... before he fucked me nearly into happy orgasmic unconsciousness. He seemed to instinctively know all the spots I needed him to touch... and did it wickedly.
The funny thing is that both of them, despite having been in SL for years and years (both were old-timers), they were also both new to those respective clubs. I'd never seen either of them before.

They were both handsome, mature, incredibly intelligent, funny and amazing lovers. They were both exactly what I've been seeking. The chemistry, the ability to emote, the ability to work a damn menu with minimal oopses. They were absolutely delightful. 

It's raining men... hallelujah, it's raining men... Amen!
I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna let myself get absolutely soaking wet...

How damn lucky am I?  

doing Numfar's Dance of Joy

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why is no one having sex?

Oh, I know there are people having sex... but I'm talking about something very specific.

Why is no one having sex in these really gorgeous private sex clubs people have built in Second Life? You know the ones I'm talking about... the clubs that you pay a nice little fee to join that bill themselves as places where the yummy people can go and have delicious, decadent sex... filled to the brim with the best sex furniture lindens can buy.

Now that I'm back out there, looking for great sex, and often (I have needs, damn it!), I'm finding myself time and time again going to these places. They're beautiful. The creators have done an amazing job of designing these places. They're sultry and sensual and wicked. And you go there and they're either empty, or full of people most decidedly NOT having sex.
It baffles me. Why is this? These places exist... and there must be people interested because they have members. Lots of members. Second Life is supposed to be a place where (if we choose), we can shed our inhibitions and let our freak flags fly. And if you're in one of these places, or a member of these places, one can only assume that you're interested in sex. In public. Where people can watch. And sometimes join. Or have their own sex next to you.

Is that not the case? Am I missing something?

Are we all just voyeurs, but not interested in being exhibitionists? Are we standing there all hoping some folks will drop their clothes, and their inhibitions, and fuck for our viewing pleasure?
In some places, Teqi's for example, you do often find a couple having sex. One couple. Maybe two or three on a good night. You can fuck on nearly every single surface there but it's not happening all that much. There's lots of cuddling, and the line of robotic women dancing the same dance (I find that bizarre... not sure why) and occasionally some chat in local, but no wild orgies or group sex.

Why is that?

And if there are people having sex, it almost feels in many cases that the others around are looking upon them with some derision. Judgement.
Each of these clubs have their own little cliques. And that's fine... but they're hanging out, all the damn time, the same people, not having sex. And I'm left wondering "Is it okay to have sex here? Am I going to be pointed at, and laughed at?" because the regulars aren't indulging.

I can't help but wonder what the club owners think. They've built these places, poured tons and tons and tons of lindens into them, and there is no mistaking that they're created as places for people to meet up and get dirty.

But no one is.
Maybe they are meeting up, and then going to more private places to have sex. And that's okay... no one should feel pressured to perform in public. I guess I just expect a more sexual atmosphere. People flirting and having naughty discussions and be open about what we're really all here for. Instead we get mostly silence and staring. 

I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I'm always surprised and disappointed about how few men approach me. Less because I think I'm so stunning and head and shoulders above anyone else, but because it's pretty clear, I think, I'm looking to get laid. Maybe it's not as obvious as I think it is? 

Or perhaps it's too obvious? I wear my sexuality on my sleeve... perhaps that's a turn-off, or too intimidating for some men? 

Guys... just because I'm openly sexual doesn't mean I'm easy. It means I enjoy sex, and that I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of.

I'm picky as fuck. While I'm absolutely looking for sex, I don't just fuck anyone who approaches me. Mainly because I like men who are conversational... He might be hot as hell, but if he doesn't give as good as he gets, and that back-and-forth isn't there, I assume he'll be the same way when we fuck. I don't want to do all the work.
I suppose maybe the owners of these clubs don't mind... especially if people have paid a group fee and continue to make donations to keep the sim running but I can't help think there must be some disappointment that the places aren't used as they were intended. Maybe. I don't know. I haven't talked to any of them about it. Some of the owners are present all the time... some of them are mythical creatures that are only spotted on rare occasions.

I was at the Chamber a few of nights ago... Monday, I believe. There were, as usual, many people there. And there were a couple of women who were naked, or wearing lingerie, me included. And there were a few people making comments about the nudity. "Oh, I didn't realize it was CMNF night!" It was obvious they were being facetious. In the Chamber's defense, there was an officer there who pointed out that lingerie was always welcome and allowed.

And you know who were the ones being snotty? It was the women. Slut-shaming. In a club designed for mature adults to be open with their sexuality.




How dare they? I mean, really? Women exploring their sexuality, embracing it, should be celebrated. These are places where women should be encouraged... should feel free, and comfortable, being as sexual as they want to be.

It made me sad.
And angry.

I know these places don't expressly demand that people fuck. That would be... sleazy and tacky. And there are plenty of places for that, too. I once belonged to a swinger's club where I was given shit because I didn't fuck someone every time I was there. The pressure to lie on my back every time I TPed in became tedious and uncomfortable and I left the group.

No one should be forced to participate, or expected to... but if you don't plan on being sexual, at least sometimes, why go to the sexual places? And why make others feel badly because they do want to be sexual in sexual places? There are lots of other places, just as beautiful, that these people could hang out for non-sexual conversation and fun.

Am I confusing Adult with Sexual? When I see that a place has an A maturity rating, I automatically think sex. Perhaps it's me who needs to adjust her way of thinking?
It's one thing when there are events going on... DJs or live performances or dances... those specific events are meant to draw people in, to encourage them to visit, I assume, in hopes they'll return and maybe shed those inhibitions and use the club for its intended purpose. Use the furniture to do what it was designed for. Sex.

Maybe I'm overthinking, or expecting too much, or maybe it's that I've made the decision that those places should be full of beautiful people having beautiful sex when it's not my club and not up to me to decide that.
I want to meet handsome, intelligent, mature men for sex. In public. I want to have erotic encounters with delicious men and then say goodnight and go my own way.

No one really jumped on my idea of the Fuck Group. I honestly thought I'd have some interest but I really didn't. Oh, and the interest I did have? It was from women. Not a bunch of horny men looking for an easy way to get laid... it was women, looking for the same thing I am. It seems I'm not alone in looking for some good hot sex without a relationship attached.

We're out here, and we're aroused, and our needs aren't being met. And those needs aren't complicated. They don't involve dates, or rings, or promises. They involve orgasms.

And, yes, gentlemen, a woman's orgasm is, I think, more cerebral than a man's. Certainly not in all cases... I know there are lots of men who get off from a good mind-fuck as well as having their cocks tended to. That's probably a topic for another post, though...

Am I doing something wrong? Am I going to the wrong places? Is SL even more of a reflection of the real world than I like to think it is? A world like the real one where sexuality is still hush-hush and women aren't supposed to be open and vocal about wanting, and enjoying, orgasms?
I'd hate to think that's the case. I want to be open with my sexuality, and explore all the things, and do it in sensuous, beautiful settings. I want to wear decadent lingerie and seduce, and be seduced.

And I don't want to be shamed for it.

Does anyone else feel the same way I do? Anyone else get exasperated by the lack of sexy-sex in the sexy-sex places? Make no mistake... I'm not talking about the noob-magnet places. I'm not talking about the places where most women are actually men and all the men have giant freenises and bad skin and giant system muscles and Fred Flintstone feet. I'd rather be abstinent than have to resort to getting laid in those places.
I just want some good sex, damn it. With other people who know what they're doing. People who understand that words mean more than animations, but that the right animations in combination with those words can make mediocre pixel-banging an ethereal, sultry, orgasmic experience for all parties. In places where people not only feel free to indulge, but actually want to indulge. Where there is no judgement or shame... just amazing people having wonderful erotic experiences.

Does what I seek exist? Where is it? I have needs... I'm certain I'm not alone in that.

Let's be decadent together. You know you want to.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Love Whore

One of my very worst flaws is that I have a terrible habit of falling in love first, then asking questions later.

I just get such a rush when I meet someone and have a connection with them that I start babbling... and I say "I love you" way the fuck too soon.
I don't, of course. That's not really how love works. I know there are rare, magical occasions when you lay eyes on someone and believe you're in love, and then discover as you get to know that person that you really are in love with them.

That's luck. It's doesn't really happen that way very often.

Still... I've been known to be guilty of doing this. Not often... I mean, I haven't really left a long trail of men strewn throughout SL that I've blurted out "I love you" to after 10 minutes, but there are a couple.

And, boy, did one of them give me a piece of his mind last night!
When I say "I love you", I mean it. In that moment, it's the absolute, unvarnished truth. And there wasn't much I could say last night to make this man understand that.

He didn't believe me, and why should he? I said "I love you" and then took it back. And I was right to... as I got to know him better, I realized that I absolutely didn't love him, and wasn't going to. I didn't even like him.

And honestly, what made me not like him was the way he handled it when I first said I needed to slow down and he acted like we'd been together for years instead of a few days, and that I'd just killed his kitten.
I didn't say "I love you" then take it back 5 minutes later. I said I needed to slow down and figure out what was happening. I said I didn't know how I really felt, and I meant it. I wasn't sure at that point that I wasn't in love with him. It had just moved so damn fast, and it was Valentine's weekend and I was missing Hugh something awful, and I just wanted to be left alone for a couple of days so I could think.

And that made me the worst person ever.

No, it didn't... to him, maybe, but not to me. I'll admit, I didn't handle things well after that. He had laid so much guilt on my shoulders on top of the grief I was already feeling that I didn't want to see him, or talk to him at all. At that point I knew I didn't love him and wasn't going to.
It was then that I should have told him, but I didn't.

Because something really nice happened after last weekend. I reconnected with someone who has been there for me, as my friend and lover, since Hugh and I broke up. And I realized that this was someone I really did care about.

And I was kind of wallowing in that happiness. I didn't want to have a conversation with this other guy so I just kept avoiding it.
Last night, though, we both ended up at Teqi's. About a minute after I'd landed, he IMed me. And before I even had a chance to fully rez, much less answer him, I got the "You can't even say hi to me?"

Oh for fuck's sake. Fine, here we go. After exchanging pleasantries, I told him I was sorry that it wasn't going to work out between us.
He didn't like that very much. I let him have his say, and none of it was nice. There was no attempt on his part to understand me, or what I was coming out of, or going through. It was all about how I hurt him. How I lied.

I finally had enough... it takes quite a bit to make me angry, angry enough to lash out at someone, but his behavior was just too much. I told him to man up, and that he was acting like a teenager. Seriously, we were together for like three days. There is no earthly way he could have already been so head over heels in love with me that my walking away hurt him that badly.

I don't buy in to the stereotypes of how men and women should act when it comes to their emotions. I'm good with men expressing themselves and crying and showing all the feelings. 

But I'm also very much of the belief that sometimes you have to pull up your britches and get on with it... and that goes for both men and women. 
We all have to make decisions at times that hurt other people because we have to do things that are what's best for us. Jesus, Hugh made a decision that hurt me about as badly has I've ever been hurt, but I also know it was a decision he had to make, and it was the right one for him, and the fact that it hurt me was very unfortunate collateral damage. He didn't do what he did with the intention of causing me pain. 

It's part of life. We can't control what other people do, or what they feel. What we can do is control how we react to those things. We might not be able to control our emotions, but it's entirely up to us as to how we deal with them.
I'm not sure where I'm going with this, other than expressing my frustration at a grown ass adult who's only coping mechanism was to shit on me. 

And that's why I'm with the man I'm with right now. He didn't act that way when we sped headfirst into an intense relationship and I needed to slow it down. He manned the fuck up. And we've been getting to know each other. And now we've circled back around and realized, two months later, that we actually do like each other. A lot. Maybe even that big L word that I'm trying really hard to hold back.

Because the next time I say it, it's going to be right.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Fuck Group

I find myself wandering around SL bored quite a bit.

Sometimes I'm shopping, or taking photos, or just hanging out, but often I'm actually on the prowl for some good sex.
It's surprisingly hard to find.

Oh, sex is easy to find... but I'm talking about good sex. With someone who looks good and emotes well. A put together avatar, proper (mostly) grammar, not insane, not clingy... just another sane, mature adult looking for an hour or two of filthy fun before going their separate ways.

I go to the clubs... everyone is standing around looking pretty, but not talking. Are they already involved in some hot sexting? Or are they also just standing around looking for a good fuck? I don't know.

So... it's got me thinking.

About starting a group. The Fuck Group.

A properly vetted group of intelligent, sexy, mature adults where someone looking to play can open the group chat and see if anyone is available and interested.

Oh, I know there are other groups that claim to offer the same thing... but I'm looking at a very exclusive, smallish group. Not attached to a single place, or a single fetish or kink. More just a group of like-minded adults where it's okay to say "Hey, I'm feeling rather aroused... anyone interested?"

It could be singles... or couples looking for a third party for the evening, or another couple... or even an impromptu orgy if that's what you happen to be in the mood for.
And you would know that whoever responds is going to be someone that has shown a talent for being really good at erotic encounters, and that won't be stalking you, or annoying you after the fact.

They'll be fun, sexy, intelligent, mature, able to operate a menu, use complete sentences, understand the art of foreplay, and how to discretely make an exit once both (or all) parties are well-sated. I might even open my house up to group members wanting a place to play privately away from all the usual places, or their homes. That is, if people don't mind me popping in and out. Or as a place for small group meetings... a little group sex?

So I guess I'm just curious if anyone else would be interested in something like that. Please feel free to leave a comment below, or on my Flickr, or you can email me privately at
We'd need a fairly decent balance of men and women... and I suppose we'd need to come up with some sort of good vetting process. Maybe invite people to the group based on recommendations? A little cut-and-paste of their emotes? Hell, it wouldn't be hard to create a little private web page where we could post... er, reviews is such a tacky way to put it... um... recommendations? I don't know, maybe that's going too far... lol.

I'm just thinking of a nice little group for NSA encounters where you don't have to go through the bother of searching the grid for someone who tickles your fancy. The cream of the crop. A closed, private, exclusive group.

I'm just so tired of being bored, aroused and only finding idiots looking for a fast fuck. Surely I'm not the only one... am I?

Thoughts? Ideas? Am I being ridiculous?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Simply Being Simple

Sometimes it's best just not to question things.

Like, for instance, when you realize you're missing someone.
Old Beth... Regular Beth... would feel like she had to question that and dissect it and figure out all the reasons why.

But you know what? I'm not going to.
I missed him. I missed my friend and my lover. I feel good when I'm with him. Light. Happy. Special.

Why question it?
Instead I'm just going to enjoy it... whatever it turns out to be. Right now it's fun and free and comforting and... just lovely.
Oh, and arousing as all fuck.

The dude turns me on... big time. Unlike anyone else that's crossed my path recently. I can be myself with him, completely. Let myself go and just... experience it all.
Right now, it's not serious. Or maybe it is. Yeah, it probably is, actually, but whatever. No rules, no boundaries, no expectations. Going with the flow... the glow.
He gets what turns me on. And he doesn't judge. And through all my ups and downs of the last couple of months, he's been there. Sometimes right in front of me, sometimes off to the side... and, yes, sometimes I tried to put him behind me, too.

But he was always still there. Being a friend to me... never pressured me, never demanded anything, never expected anything but for me to be real with him.
And that's what he is first and foremost... my friend. Everything else we are, everything we will be, might be, could become... it's all born of that friendship we've built and are still building.

And really, when you strip away all that other stuff... sex and drama and politics and religion and indecisiveness and doubt and everything else... if you strip all that away, and realize you still miss THAT person, isn't that all that counts?
For me, right now, yes. It is what counts. I don't know where we're going, where we'll end up... but I know how he makes me feel, and how I feel about him. And I missed him when we were apart.

It took me a little time to realize that. I realized I was comparing other men to him, and finding them lacking. I realized I missed him. That I worried about him and what was happening in his lives... both RL and SL. I wanted to be able to talk to him again. I wanted to see him again.
I wanted to be in his arms again.

So I am. We may both continue to have other lovers, or we may not. No rules, no boundaries, no expectations. We're just going to be.
It feels good and it feels right. It makes me happy.

So there you go.

I'm happy.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The One

Still. One. Just one. Only one.
His name is Hugh, and he is still the only one I love. And, god, I miss him. I miss him so damn much.

It's just him.

Maybe it's because it's Valentine's Day weekend and my Valentine has flown the coop... I don't know. But it's come crashing in on me in vivid colors that he is still the one.

I want to move on. It's been nearly two months since we ended, officially. I feel like I should be ready to move on, though I know as well as anyone that you can't really put a time table on grief. It happens when it happens. In due time, I'm certain I'll be ready.

But not yet. I love him.
It doesn't hurt like it did. I'm not crying. I just miss him. My heart is still his, all his. And for right now, that's just the way it is. We were together for a long time, though it felt like just a minute, and we were happy. We were lucky. It was easy and comforting and safe and passionate and beautiful. We knew each other. We talked. We laughed and acted like idiots. We loved until we were breathless and sweaty and spent and talking gibberish to each other in a language all our own.

It was magical and it can't be replaced. I never want to replace him, and what he meant to me, and I couldn't even if I wanted to.
We had an extraordinary love. We were so blessed.

I have no idea what's happening in his life now. I've not heard a peep from him in two months. But I know this... I know that he loves me, too, still. Whatever is happening, wherever he is, I still feel that.

That connection we had isn't broken. We can't talk, can't see each other... can't have any contact at all. But it's still there. That love is still there.

I know it will fade... but not yet. It was too big, too strong and too all-encompassing.

And to those who've crossed my path in the past couple of months, I'm sorry I haven't been able to give my heart to you. It's not mine to give. Not yet.
I'm not looking right now. I was.. I admit it, I was. I was looking way the fuck before I was ready. But right now, for now, I'm just going to live my life. There may be some FWBs... I don't know. Right now, sex isn't really on my mind, not with anyone but Hugh.

When I close my eyes, it's him I see. When I dream at night, I'm sharing my dreams with him. When I think about love, I think about Hugh.

And no one else.

It's him. It's just him. Still.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


I am both Type A and Type B, depending on what we're talking about.

In SL... when it comes to my inventory, I am totally Type A. I absolutely have to have things organized or I lose my shit.

I am currently losing my shit.

Look, I know in the grand scheme of all inventories in SL, my paltry 44,001 isn't much. I'm very good about deleting boxes and old shit I'll never wear or use again so I keep it at a manageable number.

Manageable... lol. 44,001.

I have a new place now, and it's much smaller than my old place. From 3 plots down to 1 now. Previously, I had my inventory sorted into nice little folders for each plot, with sub-folders and more sub-folders under those sub-folders. With some more sub-folders for good measure.

This morning, I decided it was time to start decorating my new plot and house. And realized it made no sense to have my inventory sorted into the three plots anymore so I decided to combine them.


Oh sweet Jesus, what have I done?!

I am buried in crap. SO MUCH STUFF. And the way I had it sorted before makes no sense now. And now I have all my house stuff in one gargantuan folder... and I'm trying to sort everything into sub-folders that make sense to me. And what makes sense today probably won't make sense tomorrow! Furniture folders, tschotchke folders, lighting folders, frame folders, plants folders, outdoor furniture folders, landscaping folders, building folders, wall stuff folders, floor stuff folders, ceiling stuff folders.


And then comes that moment when you're dragging a bunch of stuff from one folder to another, and your hand slips, and suddenly you've dumped a bunch of stuff in a folder... and you can't tell which folder it is and you have to open all the damn folders to find it.

Or you come to that one item that just doesn't really fit in any of the other folders and WHAT DO YOU DO WITH IT?

Yes, I have the SL equivalent of the kitchen junk drawer in my inventory... the folder labeled "crap". The vast wasteland folder in which things will disappear never to be seen again. Sometimes I think I'll just delete that folder but WHAT IF I NEED SOMETHING IN THERE??

And why do I have 17 copies of some things? Why?!

Is it safe to empty my trash folder?!


Maybe I'll just go shopping.

Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm Moving... in ALL Directions!


Seriously, fuck.

Damn it all to hell.

I lost my place. And I am PISSED.

I've lived on the same land for years in Second Life. Years. And now it's gone. My lovely little three bits of land... my home... all gone. My landlord pulled up stakes and let the sim go. He gave us three days notice... and, though I'm pissed, I really can't play him. He was having trouble keeping good tenants. Stable tenants. And without those, he couldn't make his own payments on the land.

But for the first time in a very long time, I found myself homeless. And it sucked ass packing everything up and leaving. SO MUCH STUFF. My gorgeous bathhouse... my lovely little greenhouse. My beach. The little pond my swans loved so much.
And finding the right spot to replace it? Didn't find it. Still looking a little bit, but I did find a nice spot to land in for a while... maybe for a long time. We'll see. Right now I have a big empty plot. I plopped a house down on it, but I'm having trouble finding the inspiration to decorate. I have a couch and fireplace and my pool table. Haven't even pulled my bed out yet.

I hurt someone, too. Because I'm me, and I'm impetuous and fickle and ridiculous. I found another man, after the other man that came after Hugh. Another really wonderful man... and I threw myself all in without stopping to take a breath.

I have got to stop doing that.

And now, yes, there is yet another man, my third after Hugh. This one... I just refuse to rush it. I'm holding myself back, as much as I can. I like him. He's... so far... pretty awesome. I'm utterly thrilled that he's got other interests in SL other than hanging out in sex clubs looking to fuck. He makes stuff. And he sails. And I'm sure other things, too, that I haven't learned yet. That makes me happy... that he's got other things going on. And a seemingly really nice real life that keeps him content, too.

I'm excited about this guy, and I'm trying really hard not to put the cart before the horse. I still think about Hugh a lot. It doesn't hurt like it used to, though. I just miss him, miss his friendship. This latest gentleman... I can talk to him like I did with Hugh. We have conversations about stuff. I like talking. Just hanging out and talking.
I like sex, too, but I'm really enjoying getting to know this guy aside from all that. Because... gasp... we haven't had the sex yet. I know, right? We've known each other for days now and we still haven't fucked.

And that's pretty damn nice, actually. We're getting to know each other as people before we know each other intimately. Did I mention I like this guy?

I'm still upset about losing my land, though. Just the end to yet another era.

And I still have these fucking stitches in my hand and they still fucking hurt. I want the fucking things out NOW. Tomorrow will be two weeks... I'm hoping I can get one of the nurses at work to pluck them out or I'm liable to do it myself. It is soooo tempting to just grab a little pair of scissors and snip them loose.

I need to find some inspiration, too. Taking photos seems like a chore right now, as does this blog. I think, before, I was taking photos for Hugh. None of these new guys care about photographing, or blogging, so I'm not doing this for them. In a way, for the past two years, all my photos and all my blog posts, were for Hugh. For him to see, for him to read. And I started this blog for myself... same with photography. I need to get back to wanting to do it for me.

Other than all that horseshit, life is pretty good. Family is good, work is good, weather isn't horrible, I've got my fingers crossed that Bernie is going to smash Hillary in Iowa. I love politics and a presidential election year gets me giddy, and I'm very excited about Bernie. Watching the returns now... it's close! And Cruz, as much as I despise him, is beating Trump!

So that's fun. :-)
Uh oh... it occurs to me that I haven't asked newest new guy about his political leanings. The first two were right-wingers and that just isn't going to work for me.

Okay, enough babbling. I need to find my bed in my inventory and get some shut eye. Wonder who I'll be dreaming about tonight?

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