Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Return of Beth

Well, well, well... what do you know? I have a blog!

Actually, I've had this thing for a while. I suppose I started it with the idea of doing a fashion blog but there are twenty million of those and we really don't need another now, do we?

So let's make this more of a diary.

I left Second Life for well over a year. The main reason was because I have a computer that is ancient and I crash whenever I go somewhere where, god forbid, there are other avis around. Also, my hang out went away. I used to hang at a wonderful club with wonderful people and it faded away, as all things tend to do in Second Life.

I logged out for the last time and left.

And after a year or so got bored and came back.

And what an adventure it's been!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a very sexual woman. I'm sexual in real life, too, but due to wanting to, you know, keep my job and stuff, I keep it pretty tightly under wraps. In Second Life, I'm free to let it all hang out.

When I came back, updated my avi and went out on the grid again, I decided that Beth Macbain was going to be all about the sex. Sex, sex and more sex. With many, many men. No pesky relationships for this girl! I was free and independent and I didn't need no stinkin' man to complete men... Just give me use of his cock for an hour or so and I was good to go.

And then... then I met him. Love at first sight? Maybe not quite first sight, but easily within the first hour. Holy shit, did that scare me!

Of course, I fucked it up.

I've gone through some trials and tribulations in the last month. I stupidly thought I could leave him. I was petrified of my feelings. Petrified of becoming someone I didn't want to be. And instead of talking to him about it, as sane, mature people do, I broke up with him with some bullshit story (that I'd convinced myself was true) about falling in love with someone else.

I was miserable. So, so unhappy and living a lie. My guy... my wonderful, amazing guy... this beautiful, strong, kind man that I'd tossed aside... he took me back.

I didn't deserve it. I still don't. This guy is my other half. My Second Life is nothing without him.

And now... we're starting over. With so much love between us that it takes my breath away. I love him and he loves me and it's really just as simple as that.

And what more could any girl wish for?

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