Sunday, September 6, 2020

Ready for It

I've set up my naughty little play area on Zindra and I love it. The region is Fazio. Again, no direct LM... I'd much prefer you approach from a distance instead of just popping in right in front of me. 

If I'm there, either I want to fuck, or I'm AFK and open for anyone to come do whatever they want with me. I'm wearing my collar. You may grab it and toss me on whatever piece of furniture you want to fuck me on. 

Sometimes I may be wearing a blindfold. If that's the case, I can barely see you. I don't know your name. A wonderfully anonymous fuck in every way. You don't need to message me, you don't need to ask. Just take. 

If I'm there, but unable to actively participate (fucking real life) I'll let you know by changing my expressions, or opening my tight little pussy for you. If I'm able to participate, you'll know. 

Wearing my Mama Allpa as well... go ahead and force me open. Take the risk if you'd like. I promise I won't hunt you down and demand child support. 

I've set up a tiny little bar in the front of the parcel. A couple tables, drinks, jukebox. You'll often find me dancing there. Feel free to enjoy anything and everything, even if it's not fucking me. There is a small lake... take a dip if you'd like. At the back, there are a couple little buildings with more seating, a bedroom, and a spa area. 

Still planning on adding a nasty little BDSM room up in the sky for those of you who like things a bit rough. I do adore pain. No humiliation or degradation, though. That'll get you booted. No scat. No death or dismemberment. No mutilation. This is about pleasure, and yes, I do love pain but that doesn't mean I don't demand respect. 

You'll know my mood by the music, parcel lighting (EEP is fucking cool as fuck), what I'm wearing, and what I'm doing. It may be soft and sensual, it may be dark and throbbing. 

I want you to use me. A couple of men have approached me with a bit of trepidation because they don't believe I'm honestly opening myself up for this.

Trust me, I am. Let me be your toy. 

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