Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Coming Attractions

Hello, lovely people! I'm so excited to announce a couple of things today!

All of this is in the very preliminary stages, so much more to come as I learn what the hell I'm doing!

I've always been interested in making Second Life videos but, because I'm me, not like the ones you see on YouTube. I want to make erotica... sexy, sensual, quality adult videos that aren't like the bom-chica-bow-wow videos most pornographers make for SL (or RL for that matter). Not that there is anything wrong with those, but I've always imagined mine to be a bit more intimate. Me, with my actual lovers, having sex. Or me alone, masturbating. My voice... no cheesy voice-dubbing, no unrealistic moans and goofy ass baby talk about "Oooooh... your cock is SO BIG!" 

My voice, my lover's voices... having real orgasms together.

I've always been way too impatient to learn the software and learn how to edit. Guess what? I've learned! I'm still a noob, and need a lot of practice at both filming and editing. 

I made my first attempt, though, almost by accident. I was playing/practicing with camera angles, etc., and filming myself masturbating and a friend stopped by. Things happened. I ended up with a few little clips that I liked a lot, so I used them to make my first little short video.

I have to admit, the nervousness I felt when I hit the upload button was odd for me. For years and years, I've put pictures of myself from every possible angle on Flickr for everyone to see, and I've opened myself up in a hundred different ways, emotionally and mentally, here on this blog. I've shared joy and pain, my (winning!) battle with depression, my love life, mourning for my father, my brother, a lot of thoughts and opinions about SL, and tons of sexually explicit material. I never hesitated to share myself with everyone. 

But putting this tiny little video out there for the world to see freaked me out a little bit. I don't know that it was the visual content as much as the audio content that scared me. This is my voice. This is me. 

This is me having an orgasm. 

Even editing the video, listening to myself climaxing over and over felt so strange. I don't think anyone actually likes the sound of their own voice in recordings, right? I was hyper-conscious of every flaw - my southern accent, my slight lisp when I make "ess" sounds, the pitch, the tone, the realness... and in the end, that's why I left it as is. It's real. I didn't apply any effects or try to change it in any way. That's what I sound like having an orgasm, so... yeah.

Anyway, here it is. My debut adult video. Please be kind!

Of course, I've already had one comment from a man complaining because my friend didn't "shot(sic) in my face." Comments like that from anyone, anywhere piss me off. I think, perhaps, that's one of the reasons why I want to do this. 

If you wouldn't walk up to a woman in the real world in public and say it, then don't say it online, either. Because if you said that to me in public in the real world, I'd punch you right in the family jewels.

Too many men are watching too much porn where the women are treated just abysmally. I can be sexually submissive, but I have never gone in for any degradation or humiliation. When I see that, it's a red-flag to me that this is a woman who has dealt with abuse - either currently or in her childhood. There is nothing sexually arousing about that. Treating women like shit should not be a sexual fetish, and far from a fetish, it's becoming the norm in a lot of porn.

And men without a lot of real world sexual experience see those videos and think it's okay to treat women that way. It isn't. This isn't me kink-shaming - this is me saying treat women, all women, with respect. 

So yeah, that's part of why I want to make porn/erotica. They're educational videos. 😋

And don't even get me started on the fake "family" porn that is all the rage these days... WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! I could do an entire blog entry about how horrifying that is to me. Another time, perhaps.

But wait... there's more!

So the big streaming platforms hypocritically want no part of Second Life because people do dirty things, as if they don't do dirty things in other video games, not to mention the violence which, in my opinion, is far more harmful than adults having adult sex. Regardless, I went searching for a streaming platform that will allow Second Life adult content, and I found one called Picarto. It's made especially for creatives *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* and not camgirls, though I guess this makes me a virtual camgirl.

This is my channel:

I'm going to start livestreaming. Not the boring things, like shopping and decorating, and all that crap - unless people specifically request it - but the sexier side of SL. The dirty side. Me, friends, exploring... having sex. Having fun doing those things we all do. To be honest, I've never really watched any streamers. I'm not into video games and have zero desire to watch someone shooting and killing and whatever it is people do in those games. 

Makes it pretty obvious, I'm not a Millennial, eh?
So I'm just going to be winging it. 

And, no, I won't be charging anyone. This is for fun, not profit, so don't worry that I'm going to start demanding tokens from you!

The other thing I would LOVE to do is start an adult SL weekly talk show with guests. I'd love to interview the owners of the big adult regions and clubs, people who are active in the adult side of SL, and possibly even snag a Linden or two for a chat about adult Second Life and any plans for the future.

What do you guys think? I want to hear from you to know if these are things anyone is interested in. I can do it all alone, but what fun is that? I'd love to hear the type of things you'd like to see in a Second Life talk show made for the more adult side of SL.

As always, thank you for supporting me and this goofy little blog of mine for all these years! Some of you have been here since day one, and I'm always so wonderfully surprised when I run into someone inworld who tells me they read this thing. I adore every single one of you! 💖

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