Thursday, July 2, 2020

Bitch is Back

Okay, no one else can call me a bitch. Only me. And I'm really not a bitch, but it's a great song, isn't it?

So, yeah, this not-a-bitch is back. 

I've been in a relationship with an incredible man for a bit over a year. A completely non-sexual relationship.

I know, right?

But love is love is love, and that was enough for me for a while. By the time I realized it wasn't going to be enough forever, I was already in far too deep. The very last thing I wanted to do was to hurt this amazing guy. 

I am who I am, though, and I think everyone knew this but me. Masturbating alone couldn't keep me satisfied. I need to be the woman I am, the intensely sexual, perpetually aroused Beth. 

And that's enough about that. I'm not delving into everything that went into that relationship or how it ended. I owe him that... and much more. 

Anyhoo... yeah. It's time to get back in the swing of things. I'm out of practice. I'm especially out of practice at taking good action shots in the midst of getting nailed. 
This is my new friend... I'll call him BG. I met him last night when I was out catting around. He's not the first guy I dipped my toe back into the deep end with - it's been a rather exciting few days! But BG was kind enough to allow me to post the not-so-great pics from our little liaison last night. 

I love mature men. Give me a guy in his late 40s and 50s, and I'm a happy woman. I didn't asked BG his age, but his avatar is nicely aged and most young guys don't do that. I spotted him at a new place, and found him attractive immediately.
Not gonna lie - I made the first move. I waited for him to approach me for a bit, and then decided to take the bull by the horns. I've always shied away from making the first approach in the past, mainly because I come on strong when I see what I want, and I've found it intimidates men - they think I'm one of them. 

Those of you who've known me for a while know I'm most definitely a woman, and have been since birth. I just really like sex. And I've been tamping down that part of me for over a year. 

I have a lot of catching up to do.
Put me in this position and I'm going to cream on your cock every time. #facts 
There will be no relationships for me for a while. I know... famous last words coming from me, and there is that one man, but even if we got back together it would most certainly be an big fat wide open relationship.

I need my variety, and I need a lot of it right now. Long time readers know what I'm like when I seem to go into heat - amplify that by about a million and that's where I am right now.
BG was a lot of fun... a LOT of fun. We will definitely be doing this again. I love being man-handled, and I love rough sex. With it being our first time, and not knowing each other at all, there was a bit of hesitation on both our parts to get incredibly rough and dirty, but we rather spurred each other on, and then discussed it afterwards. 

He likes it rough and dirty, too. How can I not go back for more of that?

I've spent the last few days getting reacquainted with some old friends, and I'm looking very much forward to making a lot of new ones as well. 
So yeah... this is where I am right now. I feel free, and I feel light, and I feel damn good. 

Be expecting more from me, and this blog. I've missed doing this as well, but I haven't really had anything to write about for a long time. 

And gentleman, please feel free to reach out and touch... 


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