Sunday, March 17, 2019

Saturday Night Fever

Time for something a little lighter than my last few posts.

Yes, that's his fist inside me. Yes, I'm a kinky dirty girl.
I really love sex, y'all.

I know that's a revelation, right? The mister had the flu this week, though, and I went without my favorite activity for a few days.
He eats the ass. He's such a keeper... lol.
Mind you, I'm a big fan of eating his ass, too. I believe that may be one of the first things we bonded over all those years ago. Finn gets my kinks. He not only gets them, he has them, too. This is the man I have never had to be shy about saying "Honey, do you think maybe you could try fisting me sometime?"

What gets me off, gets him off. What gets him off, gets me off.
I love all kinds of sex. Soft, romantic... hard and fast. Deep, dirty, kinky. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I want him to be a lover. Sometimes a master. Sometimes even my daddy. He feeds me... all my desires. All my needs.

I'm safe with him.
I know that when I send him a message telling him I really, really need his cock in my ass, I'm going to get it. Hard. I know he gets that I'm a pain slut, and he'll make it hurt for me... just enough. The kind of pain that makes my thighs quiver and my pussy flood.

Never degrading. Never humiliating. Never.

He respects me... respects my needs.
He knows I'm going to give it back to him just as good as he gives to me. I'm going to drain him, every drop of cum. Mine. All for me.

I crave his orgasms as much as he does.

It's funny because to hear me tell it, or to read these words, you'd think that's what our relationship is, and has always been, based on.

It's really not, though. It's just that since we first connected, it's always been like liquid heat between us. And with him being out of SL for so long, we haven't been able to do this.
Skype sex is great. Voice sex is fucking amazing. God, I adore this man's voice, but we aren't able to do that as much as we'd like.

It's been mostly limited to Skype text since he left SL, but now he's back, and we can have this kind of intense connection again.
One orgasm is never enough for me. Not with anyone, ever. I cum easily. I cum a lot. Finn lets me go until I'm sated. Until I'm completely fuck-brained and unable to type or form coherent sentences, even after he's filled me and is close to passing out.

I love that about him. He knows when I'm not quite finished. When there is still one more deep orgasm left inside me that I need to have. 
So, yeah. Life is some kind of wonderful right now... and it bleeds over into the real world as well. There is a confidence in knowing someone loves you without conditions or restrictions.

When I say I'm glowing, I mean I'm really glowing. Ask the people in my real life... they're wondering why I'm so damn giddy all the time suddenly.
This is the reason.
I've never felt so free, and isn't that an odd thing to feel when you partner someone? I'm not walking on egg shells anymore or tip-toeing around my words and feelings and always wondering how he's going to take something I say. 

He listens to me, and more importantly, he hears me. He knows why I blog. He knows why sometimes he's going to wake up to a wall of text from me babbling about god-knows-what (just like this post which is really just an excuse to post a bunch of dirty pictures). He knows I'm his, and that I'm so fucking happy I could cry.
Why now? Why so quickly?

Because he gave me everything I've ever wanted. He's been offering it to me for years and I was too shy, or scared, to take it. It's never been our time. 

It is now. It's finally our fucking time. How long will it last? I'm not going to question. It'll last as long as it lasts. It's here today, and it'll be here tomorrow. He will be here.

And that is everything I've ever wanted.

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