Sunday, August 12, 2018


As some of you may know, I'm going to attempt my own club again.

Just a tiny little skybox. A smoking lounge. Think leather chairs, low lighting, cocktails, cigars, pipes, etc. Bluesy jazz. Sophisticated and very discerning. Adult. Of course there will be sex. It's my club, after all.

But Macbain's isn't for everyone. It's not even for most. This is a place for a choice select few.

And, yes, it comes with four pages of rules.


Let me show you...
There are too damn many men who still wander around SL looking to get laid that look like this.

I went out exploring today... and, yes, a lot of these photos were taken in the very dregs of Second Life, such as the one above. And below. 
Before anyone jumps my shit for picking on noobs, I had some rules for myself when I went looking, and granted, I was looking for the worst of the worst but all avatars had to be several years old AND have payment info on file.

I'm not that much of a bitch.
This fellow thought I was going to fuck him. Yeah, I know, I was at the Fuck Hall, but come the fuck on. System body, head and clothes.

No, guys. NO.
So four pages of rules.

Because I don't want this happening.
I don't want what happened to Ruined to happen to Macbain's. On Ruined's very first day, someone that I was iffy about anyway, but gave membership to because I'm nice and he was a decent fuck, invited about 20 atrocities to join.

And I didn't boot them all. At first. But Ruined was ruined on the very first day for me and there was no coming back from it.
Can you guys believe Nadine's Fuck Bunker is still around? It is. And it's still as horrifying as ever.

This dude above? Ten years in Second Life.

This isn't what I want for my club and I'm going to be a hard ass about it this time.
Macbain's is going to be about quality. I don't give a single shit if I have 5 members or 5,000 members. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

There is a body code, and a dress code. And I'm really sorry about people not making the cut, but I'd be more sorry if I let them in.
What is even happening with this guy's hair?! Thousands and thousands of hairs available on the MP and he picks that?

It's laziness, and I'm just not having it at Macbain's. I spend hours trying to make myself look decent, as do most women, and (a lot of) men just don't get that they need to put the same effort in.

You do, guys. You really do.
I get that some of it is just a matter of taste.

My tastes aren't for everyone, but then, my club isn't for everyone.

And I'm sure a lot of people think this makes me shallow... a lot of men. But you know what? When these guys hit on me it's not based on my sparkling personality, is it? They don't know me. They like the way I look.

So why should I settle for any less? Why should any woman?
Macbain's is for Bento. Bento head, Bento hands... fucking Bento tongue. Mesh body... and not the basic TMP freebie bullshit with the ridiculous static fingers.

Macbain's is for suits. Quality suits. Perhaps not a tie... you can still look like a god without a tie. But a jacket definitely. Nicely tailored.

The guy below didn't look so bad underneath the clothes but...
Put on a fucking shirt for fuck's sake. And sunglasses inside at night? Come on. No. 

Macbain's isn't for jeans. No denim. No sneakers. No fucking sandals on men! No t-shirts.  
This guy didn't look bad at all... if you started at the bottom and worked your way up. Then BOOM. THAT HAIR. Why? Why, why, why?

There is good male hair out there now. Quite a bit of it. It costs the same as that swampy mop on top of that guy's head. GET SOME DAMN DECENT HAIR.
No track suits in my club. That's for lounging on your fucking couch at home scratching your balls watching sportsball, not for going out to a club, enjoying a fine cigar, a glass of Bourbon and seducing the ladies.

When you come to Macbain's, you come dressed to impress. You may not stay dressed, but you'll fucking show up with a look that makes me want to lick you from head to toe.
No bodybuilders, either. And yeah, that's just a matter of personal preference for me. I hate the big beefy, bone-head look.

I hate the Aesthetic body and head and those Nimrod skins or whatever they're called. I absolutely despise them with the white hot heat of a million burning suns.

So yeah, no. Not allowed. Period.
I know you guys love your tattoos, and I don't hate them, either. If they mean something to you, are done with quality and... oh for Christ's sake, no fucking barbed wire on your biceps!

It's trite and tacky and soooooooo embarrassingly frat boy-ish.
Those static fingers, guys. We women notice that shit. And that's why this doofus is standing around in his boxers not getting laid. And again, THAT HAIR.
I didn't even wait until this schmo rezzed before I snapped the picture and took off. What the fuck is going on here? BURN IT.
And just so you guys don't think I'm only picking on you... this shit doesn't fly with me, either. The no-over-sized-body-part rule goes for women, too. I guess this is some fetish thing, and it's at Nadine's Fuck Bunker so chances are it's a dude, but I have known some women who do this with their tits and ass, too. 

Some people find it... sexy? I guess? And that's okay if that's your thing. Go to Nadine's and have at it. But I'm not allowing it in Macbain's.


For those of you gentlemen who do take care to look amazing, thank you. Sincerely. Thank you so much. I love you. 

But the shit above is what we women are dealing with in Second Life and it doesn't make our pussies wet. Well, I suppose it makes some women wet, but not me, and not the women I want joining me at Macbain's.

I don't know when I'm going to open... I'm not especially in any rush. I'll make another post in a few days about what I truly do envision for my little smoking lounge. It actually is about more than looks, I promise...

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