Saturday, July 7, 2018


Hey guys! Long time, no see!

Yeah... I've been a bit quiet, haven't I? I've had my hands full, y'all! Of cock!
I'm  having a quiet Friday night, though. It's a holiday weekend for those of us in the states... well, it was a holiday a couple days ago, but a lot of people are on vacation. Did you know that the Fourth of July is my least favorite holiday of them all?

I despise it. Mostly because I don't like loud bangy noises that mimic bombs. I think that's tacky and uncalled for in this day and age. Boys with their toys, amirite?

Also, yeah... I'm not so very patriotic these days.
Truth is I never have been. I value being human over being American. I cringe at the creepy Pledge of Allegiance. I often find myself ducking into the bathroom just before the National Anthem plays just so I don't have to stand for something I find pretty distasteful.

It would be different if this was a great country... and yeah, I was a bit more patriotic during the Obama years but now we've got the giant orange turd - pussy-grabber, daughter-luster, wife-cheater, just all around asshole in chief. And his grotesque sycophants who I find even more repulsive.

They man could literally rape a puppy on Fox News and his bootlickers would find a reason to justify it.

But enough about my dislike of the Fourth of July and utter hatred of the monster.
It's hot, isn't it? We're having a bit of a heatwave.

And when I built my house, I neglected to install AC. Does anyone have AC in their Second Life homes? Mine is all glass, and I know there's a metaphor in there about people living in glass houses and all, but I love it.

So, no air conditioning and a quiet Second Life night where all my fellas are either occupied or out of town... or sleeping, I suppose, at this time of night... nothing to do but climb aboard my pegacorn float and try to cool down.
Speaking of pegacorns, did I mention that I saw Taylor Swift last weekend??

If you know me at all, you know I fucking love Taylor Swift with a white-hot passion. I want to be her bestest friend, have sleepovers with her, do each other's makeup, eat junk food, dance around like we're 22, talk about boys and practice French kissing.

I would eat that pussy so good. Lick her from front to back and front again. Get my face right in that juicy little pussy and make her cream all over my tongue. I bet her cum has glitter in it. Her tits? Those nice little breasts she has with those yummy little nipples... god... I could spend hours sucking and kissing and biting them. And then I want to scissor with her... rub out pussies together, our clits all swollen and aching and just grind on each other until we pass out.

Where was I? Oh, yeah... I saw her last weekend. I'm not usually a concert goer, especially not a stadium concert goer when it's like 100 degrees, but I was given the opportunity at the last minute to chaperone a group of teenage girls. And no, I did not mention any of the above to them.

I just danced my ass off and sang and even shed a tear or six because I'm a big dork.

And then I went home, alone, and masturbated like the sex fiend I am... lol!
That's it for the big excitement in my real life.

In Second Life, though... I've had a string of fucking amazing luck hooking up with some of the most sensual, kinky, handsome dirty men in Second Life.

knocks on wood

I don't want to spoil this run of fun.

Where are the pictures, you ask? Hidden in folders to never be seen by anyone other than me and them. Why? Er... different reasons.

Some are partnered, and yes, they're also swingers but have rules about public photographs, and I totally respect that even though I've got some fucking hot pictures I'd love to share.

Some I'm just not ready to go public with yet, for various reasons, the least of which is that I'm sort of in a "it's nobody else's business" kind of place.
Too hot... must get in the water...
I'm having a really good time, though. A REALLY good time. Orgasms out the wazoo... lol. 

So yay me!

There's nothing serious there with any of them. I'm a bit gun shy about getting gushy and lovey-dovey with anyone after my last clusterfuck of a relationship. 

Does it get lonely sometimes? Yep. But I'm also not getting my heart damaged, so that's cool. 

Fucking hell, it's hot. Even the water isn't cooling me off. Quite the opposite, in fact.

See, when it gets hot like this, I bitch and complain about the heat... but I fucking love it. The heat and the humidity just go right to my crotch and make me want to fuck like I'm a jungle beast in heat.

So even though my skin is flushed, and I can't find a comfortable position even in this nice cool water, I'm aroused as all hell.

No surprise there, right?
I find myself kneeling in the cool sand with the water sloshing around me... the salt filled sea breeze awakening every one of my senses... I can smell it, feel it, hear the waves lapping against the shore.

So easy to just push my wet panties to the side and touch myself. The wetness I feel isn't only from the sea water. It brushes against my clit just as my fingers do.

Goosebumps on my skin, even in this oppressive heat. Nipples peaked and swollen... aching.
It doesn't take long... it rarely takes me long to reach that point. My toes curling in the sand, my fingers dipping inside my tight pussy, rubbing that spot that makes me spurt... my palm pressed to my clit rubbing tight little circles on that swollen little nub.

I think about my lovers, these men that make me melt for them. The ways they touch me, taste me... the ways they fuck me, and I cum.
I cum so hard, from so deep inside... the heat spreads through my entire body, making me arch and shudder and spurt. I love the creaminess of it... love the taste of it when I bring my fingers to my lips and taste myself.

I collapse into the shallow water, my face just barely above the calm... thighs spread wide, exposed, open... an offering to the night.
Stretching, momentarily sated but knowing the heat is just barely held at bay... I need more. I always need more. Crave more. The men, my lovers... their thick, heavy cocks.

Just floating on the waves, the little quakes still rocking in my pussy... drifting on the bliss of it all.
Stripping my sodden clothing and tossing it in a wet heap onto the sand... free now. Wet, shaking slightly... but oh-so relaxed. Tracing my body with my fingertips...

Ecstasy... never far from reach.
The world would be a much nicer place, I believe, if we all had more orgasms. It doesn't matter if they're shared with lovers, or alone. My hands know my body better than anyone, and I bet yours do, too. Know your body, that is.

Go ahead... reach down there and touch whatever you find. A cock? A pussy? No matter... just touch. Grip, rub, stroke, finger... let it carry you away. Do it for me, and perhaps next time we'll do it together.

Let yourself cum... do it for me.
And then whisper in my ear... tell me how you touched yourself, how it felt... tell me the thoughts in your head, and about the mess you made. Tell me about how you felt after you came. Tell me how much you want to cum with me next time. Share with me. Cum with me. Cum for me.

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