Saturday, December 16, 2017

Maui... Wowie

For as long as I can remember (in SL) I've been seeking the perfect adult sexual paradise. Some have come close... some miss the mark by miles. I even tried opening one of my own and that didn't work, either.


You guys, I might have found it. 
There is a naughty little oasis called the Maui Swingers Resort. No, no landmarks for you. This place is private and means it. In order to join, you must be recommended by a full member.

heh... full member...

And a full member is a person who has not only survived the interview process, and there is one, but has also proven that they are at Maui for the reason the sim exists... Sex. Sex, and lots of it. Quality sex.

Whaaaaaat? Quality and quantity?
Speaking in tongues... French tongues...
No... I'm not a full swinger yet and can't recommend anyone for membership yet, and that's due to a tiny quirk in their system that I'll discuss a bit further down

Right now, I just want to talk about my experiences here in the last couple of days since I was granted membership. 

I am having fun, my darlings! My sexual encounters thus far have been all that and a bag of damn chips. 

And that's a good thing because my lover of the past couple of months is currently treating me like a pariah due to a disagreement we had over the level of my bisexuality. I conceded, by the way, but I'm still in the shit house for some baffling reason I've yet to discern. 

But that's for another post. This is about pleasure. 
Let's take, for example, this delightful French gentleman I met this afternoon. I do have photos of the other men I fucked, but I neglected to ask them for permission to post them so they stay in the private folder. That's right, loves... I don't share everything I do. 

I met this fine male specimen at a party today. He asked for a dance... and dances at Maui are simply foreplay to the main event. Sex is expected. If you are there, you are expected to be there to fuck, or to be open to the possibility. Socializing is fine and encouraged, but Maui isn't designed to be one of those places where people just stand around staring at each other for hours with nothing else happening.

Thank god.
Granted, I've only been a partial member for a couple of days now, but if what I've seen so far is any indication of the normal atmosphere (sexually charged) of Maui, I'm in the right place.


I am ever-so-hopeful that Maui is all it seems to be. I'm certain it has it's fair share of drama and the like. I think that's unavoidable to some extent, but it seems to be firmly in check.

People there like sex and they are there to have sex with multiple partners. 

Variety. Joyful, blessed variety. Sure, I've seen plenty of familiar names from those other places at Maui, but I'm also seeing a lot I don't know. 

Fresh meat!
That sounds incredibly crass, doesn't it? 

I really don't care. I've never made it a secret that my Second Life is primarily sexual. We're all here for something, right? Mine is sex.

Maui is delivering, and that's more than I can say for any other adult sex place I've been to in Second Life, including my own. 

If you're able to make the cut, I highly recommend obtaining a membership. Avatars are expected to be very well put together. Mesh isn't required but it's highly encouraged and I certainly haven't seen anyone stomping around there with Flintstone feet. 
I'm sure I'm going to run into men and women who aren't to my tastes. That's just semantics, though. What I find attractive isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea but I have to say that what I've seen so far in terms of quality is far above anything else I've ever seen in any adult playground. 

There's also a little something to satisfy everyone's needs and desires. I've not taken in the entire grounds yet, but I've seen everything from vanilla to BDSM to lesbian-specific to femdom to orgy-friendly... and whispers of an ultra-secret inner sanctum of debauchery and bliss.

Last night I ran into a very old friend from years and years ago. Anyone remember Olina? It was from back in those days. We got wet in the pool, then got wetter on one of the loungers. Maui seems to be a less pressure-filled version of Olina. 
Bae caught me drippin'... lol
At Olina, the membership was private and there were the interviews and all that, but basically they let in everyone. Most of the men there would never make the cut with me, and though they also gave lip service to the "no means no" thing, members were pressured pretty hard to fuck anyone who flopped their Xcite cock or pussy out. And that's why I eventually stopped going there. For my tastes, the pickings were slim, and the constant pressure was nothing but sleazy and annoying. 

I've not seen that yet at Maui, and I'm hoping I won't, mainly due to the quality of the avatars (and the humans behind them) that they are granting membership to. 

Oh, I'm certain I'm going to be expected to fuck any and all (or most) but in this case, I believe I'll be happy to do that.
One of the more unique things about Maui is that the owner, Bandor Tyrell, makes nearly all of the furniture, and it's good furniture, too. He owns a shop called Debauchery to sell his high quality adult furniture. I haven't met him yet (his lovely wife Dani interviewed me) but he seems to be a very active owner, unlike at some clubs where the owner rarely if ever sets foot on the sim. 

This is also one of the big pluses for Maui. It's nice to see an owner actually take an interest in the day to day activities... and participate from what I've heard.

So that's all the good things I've discovered about Maui so far... now for my own little quirky thing. And it is a very small thing. 
This is the way the membership thing works at Maui: When you join, you're given a HUD, or encouraged to pick one up at the landing point, and wear it all the time. A new member is a Maui guest until they've fucked one other person, and had that person recommend them. 

After that, you are a Novice member. To gain full membership, you must fuck and get recommendations from three other members. 

And I am all for this premise. I think it's brilliant. I think it's a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

But herein lies the problem. Last night and this afternoon, I fucked two delicious gentleman. Orgasms were had by all. 

But neither were wearing the HUD, therefore no recommendation as to my prowess so even though I've... met the requirements for full membership, it's not recorded as such so I'm still walking around wearing a tag that says Novice. 
It's been quite a while since I've been a novice at anything when it comes to sex... lol. I've got a message into Bandor right now to ask him about that. I'm hoping there's a work-around for it since it seems to run counter to the requirements for full membership.

(Aha! I heard from Bandor, and met with him as well. There is a system on the desk in the library for giving recommendations without the HUD. The HUD is much better, though... I didn't ask either man to recommend me and it would be bizarre to request it after the fact. So... two more men for me to fuck. The horror... lol!)

Other than that one small thing, however, Maui is incredible. I am enjoying the hell out of finally finding the place where all the quality sexual people are. 

And I'm certainly looking forward to indulging in all it has to offer...

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