Monday, November 13, 2017

Shout Out to the Men

Lest anyone think my last blog post was... unkind... towards men, let me set the record straight.
Guys, I love you.

No, seriously. I fucking love men. I love fucking men. Men are, unequivocally, the very best.

I get frustrated with you guys sometimes... I mean let's face it, men and women communicate very differently and sometimes when members of the opposite sex try to talk, it comes out garbled as fuck even though they're essentially saying the same thing.

But holy shit, do I love you guys!

Men are the cream in my coffee. My coffee might be delicious without it, but damn... put some cream in there and it's a whole different dimension of lusciousness.

You have the cocks.

Women are extraordinary and beautiful and soft and fabulous... but no cocks.

Men have the cocks.
It's all about the cock. It's what I crave. It fills my dreams and my waking hours. I simply cannot get enough cock... and without men, there is no cock.

And with the cock, there is the man who owns it. That virility that comes with a man... a MAN... walking around all day, living, breathing, with that cock in his pants. Knowing it's there... I can only imagine how it feels to wield such... power. It's breathtaking to me.

And those men who know that, those who understand that there are women like me who utterly crave it, women who will sink into the deepest depths of sinful and erotic depravity for it, those men who love and respect women like me for our own intrinsic sexuality... god, they're addicting. Those men who revel in a woman who isn't afraid of the cock, or the man... fuck... I want them all.
For me, it's completion... the yang to my yin. Dark and light. Hard and soft. There cannot be one without the other. How do we feel something soft without knowing what hard is? How do we see the light without knowing the dark as well?

I need the cock, the man, to be free to be the woman I am.

And, no, angry feminist women, I'm not saying I'm not complete without a man. I am saying that with a man, I am my best.

Because I love men. I love to pour myself into a man, to give him all of me.

Not every man, no... but for a select few, oh yes... oh fuck yes.

So, no, I'm not have "man troubles again." I am spreading my wings and exploring, indulging. I am luxuriating in the company of men and continuing to learn, every single day, as much as I can about them.
Infuriating, virile, hilarious, red-blooded, confusing, intelligent, aggravating, mature, strong, exasperating, alpha men.

I fucking love you.

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