Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hell Hath No Fury... a woman scorned, right?

You know what, though? I'm sick of it... the scorned women seeking vengeance for perceived ills in Second Life.

Why? Because they've fucked up my Second Life, that's why.
You see, I have a gentleman friend. More than a friend. A love, a lover. And I would love to wax poetic about him right here as I normally do when a man gets inside me.

But I can't.

Because I don't know what the ever-loving fuck is going on.
This man that I adore is... well, he's not built for monogamy.

Nor does he pretend to be. He's the most upfront man I've ever met when it comes to being honest about why he's in Second Life and how he has absolutely no plans to get tied down to one woman.

I get that. I accept that. And I admire his honesty.
After a bit of a rocky start (my fault, not his) things were going well. We were having fun. I'd gotten past that initial wave of jealousy I always feel when I start getting involved with a man and there are other women, friends or otherwise, in the picture.

There were things going on, fun things, new friends being made, new experiences. A lot of laughter, and the sex was off the mother-fucking charts.

But then some other women got mad at him. His rules and regulations are pretty rigid. He's been stung before, as we all have, and he's protective of himself. And those these women knew of his rules for himself, and for the woman involved with him, they, as women do, thought they were going to change him.
Their behavior drove him into hiding. A break from Second Life, me included in that. The pettiness, the bitchiness, the vindictiveness... it just got to be too much when he was just trying to do as we all do in Second Life; log in to have fun.

He got stuck in that place where we hate to log in, hate the thought of logging in because we know there is going to be drama and bullshit to deal with, so he stopped. Sort of.

I have no problem with people needing breaks from Second Life. I've done it myself, several times. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and breathe and get all your priorities back in order before you can stomach coming back and hopefully avoiding the pit of quicksand.
So that's what's going on now. He's in hiding. Oh, I know he's logging in, but he's hiding, I assume, from everyone. He's hiding from me. That bothers me.

As you know, I hate alts and all the bullshit that goes along with having alts and having to keep up with which of your Second Lives you're playing, and remember what lies you're telling and who you're telling them to, blah, blah, blah. I hate it and I avoid people that I know have multiple alts.

Hiding, to me, is a bit like being on an alt. He's hiding something, himself, from me. And right now I'm torn between being completely understanding that he's just taking alone time for himself, and being pissed because he's hiding from me.
He's not talking to me, not even on Skype. My messages go unanswered. And before you think my messages are nagging him about being offline and begging him to come back or bitching because he's hiding from me... I'm not.

They've been messages of support and understanding, but it's really hard for me to understand why he's hiding from me when I'm not the bitch who decided proper vengeance for him having a non-monogamous life was to destroy his property.

Yeah, I've heard awful stories before about what could happen when you give someone your edit rights, but I'd never actually seen the destruction a person can wreak.
What a cunt. And I don't use that word lightly. I am pro-woman, but jesus fucking christ, ladies... come the fuck on! Control your damn selves.

Because that's all you can do... you cannot control someone else's life or who they are.

And when you behave like Carrie Underwood in that damn song, it's a reflection on YOU, not him. It shows the world that he was wise to get the fuck away from you because you're fucking insane.

What it is about women that makes them think they have the right to demand a person act as they see fit? And then to throw temper tantrums, or worse, when they don't get their way?
Fucking walk away. If a man isn't the man you want him to be, bless and release. Walk away because you are not going to change him, and even if he gives in and tries, all that's going to come out of it is resentment towards you.

I get rage. I've felt it myself. I've been fucking mad as hell and wanted to burn the entire world down around me to get vengeance on whoever I feel has wronged me. But I didn't fucking do it. 

It's natural to get mad. But when you go beyond that and can't control yourself or your anger, it's inexcusable. Putting shit on your profile about what a miserable human being someone else is, submitting some shit to SL Secrets (fuck that site) and abusing the edit rights you have to tear apart someone's virtual (or RL) property is... jesus fucking christ, it's going too far. A targeted campaign of harassment is bullshit.

Be the bigger person. Walk away. Don't drive people out of Second Life because you didn't get your way.
Because in this instant, it's fucking affecting my Second Life.

Some will say that by my making this post, I'm doing the very same thing I'm accusing others of doing. That previous posts of mine, particularly the ones about the asshats who ghosted, are no better than what I'm bitching about other women doing. On Twitter, it's called "sub tweeting". I suppose this would be sub blogging? Yeah, I've done it. I'm not especially proud of it. But I've never been so psychotic that I ran anyone out of SL by harassing them, or destroying something of theirs.

Maybe I'm being a hypocrite. I'll accept that if it's the label you want to put over my head.

Collateral damage. That's what happens when you seek vengeance. Yeah, you might get a few punches in on the person you're angry with, but there is damage done beyond that.

I can't spend time with, or even talk to, the guy I want to be with because he's so jaded right now he's avoiding everyone. That hurts, and I don't lay that hurt at his feet. I lay it firmly at the feet of those twats that drove him nuts.

And I'm sure there are plenty of men who are guilty of it, too, but every encounter I've ever had with it has been women.

And I'm sick of it, ladies. What do you say? I'll do better if you will. Deal?

Because Second Life is supposed to be fun.

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