Sunday, August 27, 2017

Late Night Date Night

I never know for sure when I'm going to get to see Michael. His real life is unpredictable and the best laid plans and all that...

It's not easy.

But then, the best things in life never are, are they?
I'm a night owl. He's an early bird. Add being on different sides of the country to that and, well, it's not easy!

Communication is key... as is trust. Being in an open relationship certainly helps... itches can still be scratched even if the other isn't available.

Being a night owl worked in my advantage last night, however, when my man found himself unable to sleep and though it was 2am my time, I was still awake.
We talk a lot even when we aren't inworld together. Skype is our friend! So when we are able to be together in SL, the clothes usually don't stay on too long.

We both had the itch last night... and scratched it soooooo good.

No one fucks me like this man does. No one can get inside my head, and my body, and make me feel the way he does.

No one makes me erupt like Michael. The orgasms that rip through me, over and over, just like wild waves crashing against the rocks.
When he touches me... he touches my mind, my soul, as well as my clit. He ignites the fire so deep inside me that there is no holding back anything from him. My orgasms are heavy and deep and oh-so-wet. Michael Stewart makes the juices flow like a river... it curls my toes and makes me rumble like an earthquake. Every nerve ending in my body pulses and aches until he soothes them. I turn into a jibbering-jabbering idiot full of nonsense words and pleas.

And it just. doesn't. stop. We women are lucky to be able to have orgasm after orgasm and Michael... Michael exploits that. There is no one single little orgasm... they loop together, ebbing and flowing, until I'm nearly unconscious with it. Every orgasm leads to another and another until I can't tell where one stops and another begins.
It's sublime and insane. It's perfection. Cataclysmic.

He leaves me shaking and spent... a sloppy wet babbling mess.

He touches the most intimate parts of me. He fucks the most intimate parts of me.
I'm not letting this one go. No way, no how. Michael is mine, and I am his. We're inside each other... part of each other. 

I would say we're lucky to have found each other... and we are. But above that, we work at it as well. Wacky schedules, wacky time zones... wacky real life. We could drift apart during those times we're not together but neither of us want that. So we make it work because it's worth it. 

Giving up those orgasms? Never. 

Giving up this man? Never.

We're just climbing the first hill on this roller coaster... and oh what a ride it's going to be!

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