Sunday, July 16, 2017

Waves of Bliss

I hesitate to say this out loud because I don't want to jinx it...

But wow, is my life good right now!
Allow me to introduce you all to Jude, this delicious creature lying on top of me. Jude, everyone... everyone, Jude.

He's Nat's partner. Just so we have this all straight, we have... I have... my darling Michael, who introduced me to Nat, the stunning women from my previous blog post, and Nat introduced me to her Jude.

We clicked. I mean, we all clicked like... er... clickity-clicky things do. I've been wanting something like this for soooooooo long, you guys! An open relationship with another amazing couple where all parties are mature, intelligent, funny... sexy. A small group of extremely intimate friends who are able to communicate... to share and leave the damn drama behind and just... be.
I'm drifting... back to the story of our Saturday night!

Nat had plans out in the real world last night, as did Michael, so Jude and I were able to spend some time together getting to know one another. We were sort of the last pieces of the puzzle that needed to, um... find our fit. Michael and Nat were already lovers, Michael, Jude and Nat were already lovers, Michael and I are certainly lovers, Nat and I were well on our way... and last night, Jude and I were able to come together as well.

And it was all so beautifully organic and natural and unforced.
Jude took me sailing... and only tossed me overboard once. We talked quite a bit about everything that was going on before we even touched each other. He and Nat have been together since nearly the beginning of Second Life and I absolutely adore this amazing foundation they have together... this strength and confidence in what they have built over the years.

The utter trust and love they have is... breathtaking. Their absolute unquestionable bond is palpable. It's beautiful.

And Jude is a beautiful man... inside and out. This is someone who will be a friend, as well as a lover... just as Nat is.
As Jude and I were coming down from the tidal wave of sex on the beach, Nat came home. After some snuggling, we all dressed and went to Teqi's for a bit.

We found a couch that would allow us to be together... we've dubbed it "our couch" now... lol.

There was lots of snuggling and lots of talking... sharing... getting to know each other even better. The only piece of our beautiful mosaic that was missing was Michael... but I know he was certainly with us in spirit!
Just look at those two gorgeous people! How very lucky, and blessed, I am to know them!


It was odd, though... you see all sorts of people and odd combinations at Teqi's, yet I couldn't help feeling that we were being stared at... at times, it almost felt like icy daggers stabbing into me.

Or attempting to, anyway. This bitch isn't easily cut.

In truth, I never looked away from these two. I wasn't much interested in the other scenery at the club. I was trembling with what I was feeling... so intense and deep it was. Sparks flying all over the place, electricity arcing between the three of us.

Of course, since we were in Teqi's, Nat and I both started crashing when we were trying to snap some photos and that's just... aggravating. Not sure what it is about that place that just makes my graphics card nope out after a few minutes there. I've even derendered most of the plants and decorations and various particle effects.

HOLY SHIT! The next Dr Who is a woman!

Sorry, breaking news alert... lol.
It was time to head someplace a bit more private to... finish our evening together.

Nat and Jude took me to their boathouse. We attempted to hot tub together, but it wasn't threesome friendly so we went below decks... and got very cozy.

And I finally, finally, got my mouth on Nat's juicy little pussy.
It's been ages since I went down on a woman...

I'm just not sexually attracted to many women. I fucking love cock... and love the men attached to them. And most women that I've encountered come with heaps of drama.

But Nat... god, she's incredible.

And we had so. much. fun.
It felt so natural... organic. I keep using that word for what's happening in my life... in our lives.

It just fits. We all fit together.

It's extraordinary. I lost count of the orgasms these two beautiful souls gave me last night. Mouths, cocks, fingers... god!
That's me grinding on Jude's face, having about the elebenty-bazillionth orgasm of the night, thanks to his tongue... and long fingers in my tight little ass...


We capped off the evening by sharing Jude's cock... sucking, stroking, kissing... until he shattered, coating us both with thick ropes of cum... it was divine.
Cleaning off his cock, cleaning each other... sharing his delicious taste, his seed... kissing Nat, passing it back and forth between us...

Perfection. Utter and absolute perfection.
One final cuddle pile before I had to crawl off to my bed, on very shaky legs...

Sated and spent and floating on waves of bliss.

I am a very lucky woman, indeed.

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