Friday, July 14, 2017

Beautiful Girls

Same pose, twelve angles...
I have a new friend. Isn't she gorgeous?

My new fella introduced us... and I'm immeasurably thankful.
In spite of this pose, we don't know each other all that well... yet. But I can already tell that she's sane, and that's a pretty big deal when talking about female friends.

Because, let's face it, with women comes drama. I get enough of that in real life... my sister, my friends, my coworkers... and yes, I am a woman, too, so I can say that.
It's in our DNA, I think. And though we often keep that hidden away from sight in the real world, it's easier to let our bitchiness and lunacy shine through in SL.

Nat, though, is not only stunning, funny and smart... she's also mature. And not in the way 22 year olds think they're mature. She's mature in the way that a woman who has lived and knows that drama is utterly senseless and unnecessary with good communication and openness.
So yeah, I like her. A lot. And I'm very much looking forward to getting to know her and her partner much better... in all sorts of delicious ways.

Whether it's just talking, or rolling around the sheets, or shopping or posing for a sexy photo (or twelve!) I know it'll be fun and relaxing... and arousing.
You know I'm not really into women in a sexual way. I don't consider myself bisexual at all.

But sometimes a woman comes along, someone I just click with. And I know that our men will not only approve, but join us as well.
And isn't that what SL is all about? Making friends, making lovers...?

Oh sure, I know there is a literal world of other things to do in Second Life, but that's not the primary focus of my SL.
This is my fun time... my relaxing time. My time to shut out all the distractions and problems in the real world.

It's not a game... it's never a game. But it is a place to immerse myself for a few hours and forget all the rest of the things.
And have orgasms. Lots and lots of them.

Kinky ones, vanilla ones, multiple ones... ALL THE ORGASMS!

Without turning it into some histrionic form of art. It doesn't need to be a Shakespearean drama. It doesn't have to be a dramedy.
It can just be... fun.

And there's not a thing wrong with that.

Of course, when you grow close to people, unless you're an asshole, you experience their joys and their pains. Because you care about them, and you learn about their lives within SL, and outside of it, too.

And that's beautiful as well.
But when it becomes all too heavy, and all too much drama and intrigue, and it's created and manufactured within the confines of Second Life... then no.

When everything is bitchy words about someone else, and all he said/she said bullshit, it might just be time to walk away.
But... from what I can tell so far, Nat isn't one of those girls.

Because she is a woman, and not a little girl playing games for the sake of game-play.
And we're going to enjoy this to the nth degree. 

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