Saturday, June 3, 2017

Random Naked Guys

So there I was last night, standing around my half-empty house (I just can't get motivated to finish it!), looking glamorous as fuck, when some dude shows up.
Did I mention he was naked? Because he was. As a jaybird. Stark naked.

Wait, let me back up a little bit...
A few weeks ago I met a woman at the Chamber and we started chatting (about this blog, actually) and she pointed out to me that it's super easy to find my house from my profile (no, don't bother looking... I've changed it now) because all the picks in my profile were taken at my house, and I'd not bothered changing the location because... I don't know. Laziness, I guess.

I didn't think much of it and didn't do anything at the time but I started thinking about it and wondered just how often random people plop down on my land. I have an old security thingie from back when I had the club so I pulled it out of my inventory and set it up just so I could see.
I really need to buy a dining room set.
I've had a few problems with interlopers before, nothing major other than that one chick a few years ago who set up a big hideously hot pink skybox when I wasn't looking and a couple random guys who built some small hills for some reason. I don't live on the mainland so it's really pretty rare for people to just show up.

Anyhoo, I set up the security thingie, and sure enough I had a few visitors over the week or so that I was watching. No biggie. I banned them after they were gone and thought nothing of it. It never happened while I was actually there and it wasn't enough people to freak me out or anything like that.
Now, let's pick up our story from last night and the naked guy who TPed in while I was actually there.

I'm not saying he was a bad looking guy or anything... he wasn't. If I saw him out somewhere I'd probably have been interested. His profile seemed perfectly normal.

So I asked him why he was wandering around my land. Oh, here, let me just post the entire conversation.

Beth Macbain: Why are you wandering around my land naked?
Naked Guy: it seemed like a logical thing to do, though from your perspective, perhaps not
Beth Macbain: Correct, it's not.
Naked Guy: is it the wandering around on your land, or the naked part that is at issue?  both?
Beth Macbain: The wandering around.
Naked Guy: fair seem different in your blog, but no worries.  Take care.
Beth Macbain: /me laughs... how so?
Beth Macbain: Do I know you?
Naked Guy: No.  You just seem like the kind of girl who might be intrigued by a random stranger.
Naked Guy: It's fine.  It's not the first time I've gotten the wrong impression.
Naked Guy: And considering my tastes, it won't be the last.
Beth Macbain: Intrigued by a random stranger in a club? Yes, absolutely. In my private space? Not so much.
Naked Guy: Fair enough...I'm more a private space type of person, so not a good fit.

And that was it. He TPed away and I closed the chat window.

And I'm left wondering... did he think I was just going to go "Oh, hey, a naked guy!" and fuck him? Is that the impression I give off here on this little blog?

Let's just get this straight - I'm no more turned on by random naked guys showing up at my house in SL than I would be by some random naked guy showing up at my house in RL.

Though I'm not going to arm myself with a pair of potentially emasculating gardening shears and call the police like I would in RL if that happened, it's still a fucking creepy thing to do, virtual world or not.
I mean, seriously, who thinks that's a good thing to do? Just drop in sans pants and think that a woman is going to be so impressed she's just going to spread her legs and invite him to fuck, or have a cup of coffee, or whatever?

That is my space. My private space.

Was it stupid of me to have it in my picks? Yes, it was. I just like to think people are better than that and I hate it when I'm wrong and people really are dumbasses like that. TP from one of my picks now and you'll literally end up in the middle of nowhere. Thanks, Random Naked Guy, for chiseling away just a tiny bit more of my faith in humanity. Good job!

There are a few men who I invite to my place. It's a very small number. There are plenty of places to fuck in Second Life without inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry to mine. Those men who I invite are special. Yes, you can fuck on nearly every surface of my house... it's set up for fucking, and those men are the ones I know are, er, up to my standards, as snobby as that sounds.
Wait, no, that's not snobby... IT'S MY FUCKING HOUSE.

If I'm walking down the street past people's houses, I don't just unlatch their gate and walk right the fuck in. A person's home is sacred, whether it's real or virtual. What happened to manners? And common sense? And not fucking disrespecting other people's property? There are some things you just don't do, for Christ's sake

It's not just a place to fuck... it's the place I relax. I like my place. It has goats.

It's where I change clothes and try on hundreds of demos. Half the time I'm wandering around with no hair, "demo" stamped across my face from the makeup I'm trying out, testing new animations, moving shit around, or taking photos.
I'm not often lying on my bed naked waiting for someone to show up and fuck me... and if I am, it's because I'm expecting one of those rare men that I've invited.

I just wanted to clear that up in case my blog does give off the impression that I'm open to Random Naked Guys just showing up thinking I'm going to fuck them.

I'm absolutely not.
Mixed messages? What? Nope.


  1. For the record, I didn't show up naked with the expectation that you would spread your legs and invite me to speak. I'm naked most of the time. It had nothing to do with you. It's a lifestyle choice. It doesn't mean I'm looking to fuck someone. It just means I prefer to be naked. I would not show up on your RL doorstep naked, but there are many things I do in SL that I wouldn't do in RL. That's somewhat the point for many of us.

    Also I should be very clear that, in my vernacular, being intrigued by someone doesn't mean you are immediately down to fuck them. When I said you seemed different than you do on your blog, I simply meant that I wasn't expecting you to be so surprised and put off by a random visitor, naked or otherwise.

    I do readily admit that I interpreted your home being linked in your profile picks as an invitation to visit. You've been around long enough to where that sort of thing is considered intentional rather than incidental. That was a bad assumption on my part. At least my unwelcome presence led to you making some changes regarding your personal security, so something good came out of it.

    Glad I could help.

    -Naked Guy

    1. *grins* I was wondering if I'd hear from you about this. Perhaps I was too hard on you, and as a reader of this blog, you certainly know I have no problem with nudity and that I am a great admirer of the masculine physique.

      It's funny, though... usually I see a man and picture him naked. With you, I was picturing you in a suit.

      I guess you were right... we wouldn't have been a good fit.

  2. Meh. Your land, your rules, but I did want to present my perspective of the encounter. I do own a suit, but I got the impression that it wouldn't have mattered in the given context. I don't want to litter your blog with needless back and forth. So I'll leave it at that. If you wish to discuss my wardrobe further or have me test your home security, I'm not hard to find in world.

    -Naked Guy


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