Monday, April 24, 2017

Ah, That's Better...

First of all, THIS guy came back. Not free to say who THIS guy is just now, but he's a dear love of mine from way back. He has stuck by me through thick and thin, and though he hasn't been in SL much, he's never been more than a Kik away from me. And now he's slowly making his way back... to me. He's the one who knows me best, my kinks, my fears, my life. Lover, master, daddy, friend, all rolled into one delicious package.

I'm so glad he's back!
And then I met this guy. A follower of this blog, he approached me and we clicked right away. He's wicked... and a wonderful lover, even though we've only had a chance to fuck once.

It was one of those rare and amazing times when you hop into bed with someone and it's perfect right from the start.
He got down there and took care of me but good... after I had my lips wrapped around his cock for a while. No photos of that, unfortunately... I was too busy making sure he was hard as a rock for me.

He took me to the edge, and pushed me right over... several times. You know what I'm talking about... when you cum and cum and it all just blends together like one massive, head-spinning, toe-curling shattering orgasm.
And when I was weak from his mouth, he gave me what I needed most.

As you all know, I like it kinky and hard, but I love it best in plain old missionary position. I love having a man's weight on top of me, pressing into me, owning me. Fucking me.

He fucked me well enough... exquisitely enough... that I absolutely have to have more of him. Soon.
I love a sexy, nerdy man in glasses. A suit (tossed somewhere on the floor). Mature. No ripped jeans or wife beaters... just a handsome, intelligent, dorky man. One who sheds his cool exterior and gets all primal and raw and dirty with me behind closed doors. 

I can't say life is going too well right now in the real world... and that's a topic for another, more serious, post. Dad is... nearing the end of his long life journey. 

But in SL? Second Life is pretty fucking awesome. With lots of pretty awesome fucking. 

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