Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rainy Days

I have a thing for water.

It's probably actually a fetish... anything to do with water arouses me. The ocean, rivers, pools, little streams, rain... and storms. Especially storms.
If you want to make me wet... get me wet. Take me sailing, to the beach... find a sim where there is a raging storm brewing.

Odds are pretty good that I'll fuck you if you do that.
And I'll fuck you good, too. Because the water just does something to me... it brings out the animal in me. I want to be wet, wild, raw... utterly primal.
So today, after trying for far too long to get into the Fetish Fair (I still haven't gotten in!) I decided to step outside my new house and into a nice little rain storm.

Naked, of course.
The feel of those teasing little raindrops hitting me all over, running down my body... 


Fuck, it drives me wild.
I admit it... sometimes when I'm taking photos of myself, I get aroused.

Is that narcissistic?

I can feel myself in the situation I've put myself in... I could feel the rain pouring down on me, never mind that it's a sunny, cold, winter day where I am in RL. In my mind, I was in a rainy meadow outside my house. It was warm, and wet. I could smell the rain on the air, feel the wet grass blowing against my bare legs.
I could hear the soft patter of the drops falling from the sky.

I could feel every single drop of rain teasing my body.
It felt good.

It felt really good.
And I wanted to play.

Oh, I suppose I could have called someone over to entertain me in the rain, but... well, I was feeling myself.
Yesterday I splurged and bought the Dutchie bondage horse. I've been wanting it for a while and finally decided to go for it.

Every time I get a new house, I always set aside one room that's a bit on the kinkier side. A bit more masculine, a bit more... designed to feed my baser, submissive needs.

I'm still working on the room in this new house, but the bondage horse fits in quite nicely.
And still wet from the rain, it was time to take him out for a ride.

I climbed right up on that little dildo strapped to it and let myself go.
And it was a divine ride. The supplied cock is a bit smaller than I like, but it did the job. Grinding on it, pinching and twisting my clit... it didn't take long.

I was already ripe... my little peach was juicy and dripping from the rain.
There is something incredibly sensual about getting lost in yourself this way. I wasn't fantasizing about anyone else... it was just me, the rain, and the little cock inside me. My hands, my body...

My orgasm was just for me. All mine.
It ripped through me in a white hot fury. One of those toe-curling orgasms that leave your thighs shaking and your entire body thrumming and pulsing.

It was just what I needed.
And then into the shower to wash away the rain and the sticky juices coating my thighs. Hot steamy water, sudsy scented soap... bubbles and wet, wet, wet heat. 

Oh, and my fingers. No little fake cock inside me this time... just my fingers, rubbing and probing and tickling as the shower sluiced down my body. My second orgasm wasn't quite as intense as the first one... this was the icing on the cake. The little gasps, the gentle ripples... that sublime feeling of bliss and satisfaction as it left my body. 


It just leaves me wanting more.

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