Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Playing with the Golden Ratio

First off, let me say that this experiment is in no way scientific or even probably close to being accurate. I'm a hack... I don't even use PhotoShop to edit my pics (I use Pixlr.com).

But I was curious how my new Bento head measured up to the Golden Ratio for the "perfect" face.

I took a series of photos of myself wearing various shapes, then fiddled with the head until I made a shape that was close to fitting the proportions of the Golden Ratio. I used this image as a guide.
I started out with my old system shape that I wore for years until I finally bought my first mesh head.
Okay, that's bad. 

It absolutely amazes me how different the mesh heads look with our old shapes. When they first started kicking around Bento, I assumed (quite wrongly) that we'd be able to slap it on our favorite shape and it'd be perfect. As you can tell from above... just no.

Then I put on the shape I used with my Catwa Alice head.
That's actually closer, but as you can see, the eyes and lips are both too low. 

Oh, by the way, when I overlaid the Golden Ratio, I lined it up with the bottom of my nose... the little triangle area. 

Then I started trying it with the various different versions of shapes I made when fitting the Bento head. I used a combination of shapes... I used the one that came with the head, and I bought two others... one from Strawberry Singh and one from West End, both made especially for Kimberly. 

Because I hit save, instead of save as, I accidentally didn't keep the original of those shapes for me to show you. 

I think this is a version made from the original Catwa shape that came with Kimberly. 
Now that I look at it, I don't think it is. Maybe? I'm just not sure... I could have gotten a redelivery, but I was too lazy. 

This looked way to harsh for me, so I ended up using the one from West End and futzing with it. 
This was getting closer... but still way too harsh looking for me. 

So from this, I took several of the numbers from Berry's shape, mainly the mouth, and made a combination of the two shapes.

And then I changed them all and just kept fiddling until I found something I think I like.
This just barely matches the Golden Ratio anywhere... the nose and lips, maybe, but the head is way too long, the eyes are too high and the face isn't wide enough. 

Then I made the Golden Ratio face, or as close to it as I could get. I used the profile, too, using this image. 
Here is what I ended up with. 
That's pretty close, right? The head is still a bit longer but the eyes, nose and mouth all match up fairly well. 

Here's the profile view. 
This was a lot harder... adjusting it to match this without messing up the frontal view too much. The nose isn't big enough but it's close. This is the same shape in both photos.

I tried the frontal image with hair. 
It definitely looks better with hair, doesn't it?

Up close, I think this looks great. Maybe it doesn't necessarily look like me, but it still looks great. 

From a distance, though... 
It starts to look odd to me. It's too wide and the chin is too small. 

Here it is without the grid on top. 
Nooooooo... not for me. I think it looks like a tan, dark-haired Callista Flockhart. It's all squishy. But it's supposed to be the ideal, right??

Is there an ideal for beauty? Maybe it's the flaws and imperfections that really set us apart. 

This look might be great for someone else, but not for me. I went back to the one I created yesterday. 
This is the same shape from several photos up, with the head that's way too long and the eyes that aren't in the right place. 

But you know what? I like it. It feels more like me than the "perfect" face. 
I think she looks much better, both up close and from a bit of a distance. I think she's softer and more real. 

Maybe it's just me? I don't know. I suppose it's really all subjective and all that matters is what YOU like and what feels good to YOU. 

One final look, side by side. 
That's weird... the "me" photo looks edited... I shot both photos using CalWL with a bright white spotlight on me and didn't edit either of them except for cropping. 

Anyhoo... that was a fun little experiment. If anything, it just confirmed that I like the look I have now.

Perfection is over-rated. 

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