Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bento'd as Fuck

I gots all the Bento stuffs now. Bento head, Bento hands, Bento pussy... okay, just kidding about that last one, but you get the idea.

Last night I decided I needed wiggly fingers and didn't want to wait for Maitreya (yes, I've forsaken my beloved Belleza... more on that later) to get around to adding Bento hands so I bought the Vista Bento Hands.
How much fun are they?? LOTS of fun! Of course, I don't have nearly enough hand poses or animations for them. How do you make your own? I checked out this HUD last night, too. Supposed to be a Bento handjob HUD. Now I know it's a first-to-market kind of thing, but HOLY SHIT! Whoever the person is that made it must have a cock the size of a prize-winning eggplant. The grip was HUGE.

So, yeah, didn't buy that.

Creators, if you could get on that, I'd appreciate it. Ditto for some face animations to go with those hand animations for... um, you know, sex. I need a few "oh yes, that's the spot!" and "c'mere, let me get my hands (and mouth) on THAT" faces. Oh, and some orgasm faces, please.
I went with the Catwa Kimberly head. It seemed the most mature of the heads I looked at, and I'm familiar with how Catwa works. 

The shape... Christ, the shape! Who knew it would be so hard to get it right?? And I still don't have it exactly right. I feel like my face is kind of squished, though I have the head stretch set on like 80 or something... and then I have a big chin. Or maybe I'm just not used to the look yet.

I like it a lot up close, but for some reason the further I pan out, the less I like it. 
No idea why that is. The profile looks decent now and that was an issue. It was an issue with my previous Catwa head, too. It just looked too Barbie-like. It's better now.

But there is something about the face that still isn't quite right. I think. One second I think it looks perfect, and then the next I think it's just entirely out of whack. When you stare at individual features and tweak them, then you find it doesn't fit the rest of the face when you look at it as a whole. So then you start tweaking everything to make it match and end up with a look that is entirely different from what you were going for.

I think I've got it pretty close, though. I think I still look like me, and that was important. And I don't think I have resting bitch face which was an even bigger deal, since I absolutely hate that look. I don't know why people want to look like they hate the world and just ate something bitter all the time.

I want to look... pleasant. Kind. Happy. I think, maybe, I've achieved that?
Oh, yeah, the body.

I pulled out my Maitreya Lara a week or so ago and tucked the Belleza away. I'm sad about that, but, damn it, I wanted the clothes!

I had HUGE hopes when Tricky finally released the Belleza updates and the developer's kit, and a few more designers did start using them.

But a lot didn't and I just got bloody sick and tired of finding something I wanted and not being able to get it.
I have no idea what happened there, or why. Maybe the "Maitreya Exclusive" designers have some sort of deal with Maitreya? Or they just decided they had enough of the market share and didn't need to pick up new business?

I know some of these designers got the Belleza kit. Some, like Dead Dollz, made a couple of items for Belleza then stopped.

I don't know, but I got tired of it and reluctantly became a Maitreya girl.
I still think the Belleza is the superior body, and the HUD is, in my opinion, a much better HUD, but somehow Maitreya has locked up the market, or Tricky pissed off all the designers or something.

Anyway, I can now shop and buy whatever I want.

My pocketbook hurts... lol! Why is Erratic's lingerie so expensive? I mean, it's awesome, but Jiminy Christmas! However, a couple of years ago, Erratic did me a solid. I doubt she even remembers, but I do so I'm glad to be giving her my lindens in spite of the ouch factor.

Designers, we consumers don't forget when you give us excellent customer service. I couldn't buy her stuff for a couple of years, but I'll be making up for it now.
Anyway, so yeah... I'm almost entirely new.

About the only thing I haven't replaced lately is my vagina, and that's only because I haven't found anything better than the VAW yet.
I think I have the Lara looking pretty good. I think the feet are too... young looking, but what are you gonna do, right?

I'm sure I'll keep tweaking this head for the next few weeks. If I know me, and I do, since I am me, it'll probably end up looking totally different by the time I'm done. I look at the first photos I took when I got my Catwa Alice head and cringe. It takes time to get something to feel, and look, just right.
I'm sure it'll be worth the effort in the long run. This is exactly what I wanted when mesh heads first hit the market - a head I could make my own. I just have to figure out how to do that... fiddling and farting around, tweaking this, adjusting that... eventually I'll fall in love with the look.

I hope I get there soon! Thankfully, I'm on vacation this week so I have plenty of time to play with it.

And play with some boys, too! Men, that is... not boys.  
I wonder if Hugh would even recognize me now.

No matter, I suppose. But still... I wonder.

As for other men, well... I have some delightful FWBs right now. There is one fellow I'm interested in.

He's not interested.

I finally gathered all my courage and approached him last night to confess that I have a crush on him. He was very kind, and told me he was just getting out of a long term thing and that he just wasn't ready to get into anything. And you know what I did?

I was a good girl! I didn't push him, didn't offer NSA sex or a blowjob or anything. I wished him well and left him be. Blessed and released.
Oh well, I have all these new animations and gestures to play with. That should keep me occupied for a bit.

Anyway, what do you guys think of the new look? I resisted getting a mesh head for so long and now I'm addicted.

But I've been staring at myself for too long and can't see the whole picture objectively now. Opinions? Critiques? Suggestions? I'm open to all!

And... thank you for reading my blog. I do appreciate it and probably don't say that enough. :-)


  1. You look fabulous Beth! Well done! <3

    Miuccia Klaar

  2. Right on Beth looking sexy and you have that head tweeked well it looks very you! lol the tongue animation is great Love it!

  3. Hello Beth,

    well it will not help when I tell you, that your face looks to me the same like your Linden face. Because I had my Linden head a long time too. Now Ravi has the Akeruka "Lara" head. And it was a challenge to let her look like I know her. But I'm still not comfortable enough. We are our greatest judge.

    But this is not the reason, why I write here. The truth is, that I appreciate your Blog. What you share with us, the readers, is just awesome and extraordinary rare. Your kind of making poses and pictures is incredible. What you tell us about you and your inner worlds is, what makes you so attractive.

    Wish you happiness and awareness.


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