Sunday, January 15, 2017


I'm back!


Yes, I think so. Probably.

We'll see.
I guess it's been just about a month since I last logged in, and even then it was just for a little bit.

I've been real life busy. And now I'm torn. I want to be in Second Life and I don't want to be in Second Life.

I miss it, absolutely. But I've been taking care of things and doing other hobbies and though I've often thought about logging in, I just never got around to it. Get off work, do a little shopping, come home and cook dinner... watch something on Netflix, do some reading, some cross stitching... and suddenly it's bedtime!
But I've recently found myself thinking more and more about coming back. Isn't that the way for us SL addicts? We take our breaks but we always come back, don't we?

I have land again (my same old land, actually - it was still available) and a new house. A new bed. Have a lot of decorating to do now. I wanted something new and I'm weighing going all in for all brand new stuff. We'll see.

Trying to figure out Bento and if I want it. I grabbed the Catwa demo head and just didn't like it on me and didn't want to futz around adjusting everything so for now, no Bento for me.
Let's face it... I'm back because my absentee libido seems to have started to return and I'm horny. I knew it wasn't gone forever but after the moron, and accepting that I was still hung up on Hugh, it went into hiding pretty good for a while there.

My orgasms disappeared... and I didn't especially care. Holidays, family, projects, etc., etc... I wasn't even really thinking about sex, believe it or not. Not even fantasizing about Hugh... not sexually, at least. Just having him back as a friend again, though I guess that isn't going to be.
Anyway, I'm back, sort of.

One thing is for sure, though. This blog is taking a longer hiatus. I'll still keep taking photos and posting them on Flickr, but for now the blog is going to go silent.

With that said, I guess there's nothing to do but get to decorating and fucking! We'll see how it goes!


  1. Welcome back. I think many of us have been where you have been. At least i have. For some time (a long time, actually) I did not miss SL, because my RL took my time and was more exciting. But slowly i began to miss SL, started following posts on flickr and reading blogs. And i came back, like another SL addict, and i love it. So, welcome back, and hopefully you will enjoy it :-)

  2. Welcome back, dear Beth. I follow your blog for a while and like it. What you are going through I understand too well. Both parts. A faded relationship and no lust for SL. But I log in here and there.
    Well, see you and enjoy your life. Both parts.



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