Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Break?

I think it's time for me to maybe take an extended break from Second Life.
As you know, I got partnered. And last week, I got unpartnered. Without going into the specifics, it's really tainted my SL experience.

I had the best guy. The nicest guy. The kindest, smartest, sweetest man in all the world. I had him for two glorious years and it was so perfectly blissful.

I'm talking about Hugh, of course.
And ever since that ended, I've been searching to fill the gap left behind when he had to leave. I thought I found the guy. I was wrong. I found a mean, selfish, manipulative, abusive, narcissistic buffoon. Mind you, he'd say the same thing about me.


It was a bad experience.

It left such a rotten taste in my mouth that it's cast a big dark cloud over the place I used to go to find my escape from the real world for a little while. I've realized that now the real world is my escape from SL. I don't want to log in, and when I do, I just end up disappointed and bored with what I find.

And that's on me, not SL. I just don't have the energy or desire to go out looking for fun people or fun things. Hell, I don't even want to have sex with anyone. Shopping, meh. Photography, meh. Decorating, meh. Dancing, meh. Blogging, meh.
Oh, and there's also the joy of finding out people I considered friends are trading photos of me in flagrante delicto. Okay, it was just one person and it was to the schmuck I was partnered to and the photos in question were no different than any other photos I've ever taken and posted here or on Flickr. But, boy howdy, did my partner love to slut shame me over my previous sexual activities.

And that was while we were together. I can only imagine what he's saying now. By the way, ladies, did you know there is absolutely no such thing as being sex positive? You like sex? And you've had more than one partner in your life? You slut. I was frequently reminded what a slut I've been. Yes, he had quite the Madonna-whore complex.

Sorry, I got bitter there for a minute.
Anyway, so rather than force it, I'm just going to lay low for a bit, I think. If I want to log in, I will. And if I don't, I won't.

I don't want to leave Second Life. It's been a big part of my life for a long time, but for right now, that blossom has withered.

I hope it springs back to life.

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