Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Well... I did it.

I broke down and bought a damn mesh head.

And I might hate it. Or I might love it.

I'm curious as to what you fine folks think. I know I'm so used to seeing myself that I can't be impartial.

So here is normal me.
 And here is Catwa me.
Honestly, I think it looks gorgeous... but dead. No expression. The eyes have no spark, there is no smile. The animation smile is too big and cheesy for wearing all the time. I think that's what I like least about this whole mesh head thing... not being able to turn my lips up a little bit so I don't look like I hate the world all the time. 

I went with a YS&YS skin applier. I thought they looked a little more mature than some of the others I looked at. Any suggestions for other appliers I should look at? Anything with more eye crinkles or a happier mouth or something? Also, my Belleza skin has lovely little dimples above the ass... this one doesn't and I miss that, too. 

Here's the side by side comparison. 
What do you kids think? Keep it, ditch it? Keep looking for some other mesh head? I'm really torn.

Also, if I do buy another Catwa basic head, do the HUDs work with any of them? I bought the fatpack with this one and I don't especially want to buy more fatpacks if I just want a different head.

Edit: I went with a different applier... It's growing on me. Maybe. 

Which me should I go with?

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