Saturday, August 20, 2016

Date Night

Uh oh, we got a couple of badasses up in here!
It's been a long time since I had a fella who actually took me out for dates.

This guy, though... he took me on a fabulous date last night! He picked me up in his plane...
My Captain for the evening.
Gorgeous, ain't he?

I've always wanted to go flying in SL. I bought Hugh a plane one time but he didn't really take to it. Michael is a pretty damn good pilot, though. He took me to Second Norway and St. Martins.
NOW you mention the flight insurance?!
I loved it. We had so much fun!

I barely worried about my safety at all!
That is, until he decided to land at St. Martin with it's curved runway. I just knew we were going to die... but this guy? No, he handled it like a pro!
Just look at the concentration on his face! 
Okay, so the landing was a little bit rough. I handled it just fine but the pilot needed a stiff drink afterwards. He was just a tiny bit shaken up.

But then, after he'd pulled himself together again... 
We made a quick change and he took me dancing and romancing. I even got a song dedication!

Which I missed, because my dumb ass took off to give the cats some nip... but I made it back for the majority of our song. 
What an amazing night with this incredible man. I am just so ass-over-teacups with this guy. So unexpected and so completely wonderful. He's my bliss. And I am so fucking lucky.
Flying, dancing, then back to my place for a little private nookie before we curled up together and fell asleep. It was a perfect night, with the perfect man.

Oh, and here's the obligatory disclaimer: Michael B. Overland has the biggest, most massive, juiciest, thickest, most delicious cock ever in the history of all cocks ever through space and time. 

No, he didn't make me say that, I swear*.

*fingers crossed behind my back 

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