Saturday, July 16, 2016

I'm Mad as Hell...

And I'm not gonna take it anymore.
What am I mad about now?

Mean people, that's what! Mean people in Second Life. The mean people behind the SL Whisperer, the mean people behind SL Secrets, the mean people in group chats that love to bully people.

I have fucking had it UP TO HERE. And I'm not keeping my mouth shut anymore... well, at least not today, anyway.

I ran into it twice today and it just boiled over in me. One was in a group chat... the same one I griped about before. The dude did his thing again... this time offering L$2,000 for a quick fuck (he turned me down, by the way). That's right, I had some free time and I was absolutely going to fuck him for lindens. Not because I need lindens, but more as a "fuck you" to all the haters. And the sheep started baaing again, bullying really, and I just fucking had enough.
We've had some shitty times this year, haven't we? Hell, not just this year. But with what happened in Nice, and before that, Orlando, and before that, Paris, and all through there, cops killing black kids, black kids killing cops, white people being obnoxious twats... oh, and killers, too... and what happened in Turkey and it just fucking seems like every fucking person wants to hurt other people for absolutely no damn good reason and I'm fucking sick of it.
I believe in kindness. I believe in it.

And if I stand by and say nothing when I see people acting like jackasses for the lulz I'm giving tacit consent.

I can't do that anymore. It's not how my momma taught me to act, damn it.
So today was the day Macbain stuck her big size 9 stiletto right into it. I pointed out that people were behaving like bullies and that we ALL have our kinks... and it just so happens that this guy's kink is spoiling women. Surprisingly... or maybe not so surprisingly... no one defended their bullying ways. Those who were vomiting up the worst of it shut their mouths and a few others jumped in to agree with me, which was a quite lovely feeling.
I'm sure it's not going to suddenly stop. I'm certain the next time this guy posts, there will be a new group of turds that will pile on. And if I see it, I'm going to call it out.

Not a single one of these people lives in a glass house... or maybe they do, since it's Second Life, but I'll be there to tell 'em to stuff it.

In a nice way.
The second thing I ran into today was my own fault because I'm no different than anyone else and read those atrocious gossip sites. And I read one today on the SL Whisperer site that pissed me off and I let them have it, too.

What purpose do those two sites serve? SL Whisperer and SL Secrets? There may be more, too, but I have no idea what they are. I started reading SL Secrets because I thought it was going to be a bit like PostSecrets... people sharing their own secrets as it pertains to Second Life.
Instead I found what is truly the hemorrhoid filled asshole of SL. It's our equivalent of Topix, if any of you are familiar with that. It is full of the meanest, shittiest, unhappy childish adults in SL saying the ugliest things possible in meme form. They hide behind anonymity, the commenters hide behind anonymity and in the background you have the people who run a website that serves no other purpose than providing a home for people to be shit-stains.

And why? Why be the facilitator of such vitriol and hatred?
Anyway, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of people being mean to each other just to make themselves feel... more important? Better than someone else? Are their real lives so horrid that the only way to make themselves feel better is by making others feel bad?

Well tough shit.

I'm not trying to start a movement here or anything... I just want people to stop and think for a minute before they decide that the anonymity of the internet, and Second Life, gives them license to treat others poorly. Am I completely innocent here? Hell no. I've been known to be a total shit to some people. In school, I was bullied, so I bullied others. It's a vicious circle but we can stop it. If we all try to be a little better... and say something when we see it, we can make things a little bit nicer. We can.

We can.

Anyway... here's my tits. Happy Saturday.


  1. Thank you, Beth, for stepping up. I hate to admit it, but I've been one of the silent crowd... afraid/reluctant to speak up for fear of being shunned. If you can do it, then so can I.



    1. *smiles*

      Do be careful, though. I'm taking a fair amount of heat for what I said over on the Whisperer site. I'm a hypocrite AND an immoral whore, don't you know...? ;-)

      I don't want anyone else making themselves a target. SL is about having fun. Do only what you're comfortable with, Rhia. *hugs*

    2. "Anyway... here's my tits. Happy Saturday." Actually,Its nice to see the history of not taking their shit, repeat a bit. You done good .. Nice tits too as it goes:P Love Light and donuts Rose x

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  4. I am so thankful to you, Beth, for being strong and for standing up to the "anonymous" bullies who stop at nothing to run someone out of SL and then after they have succeeded in their goal, they still keep on and on slandering a sweet and good person for no good reason other than to satisfy their own hateful, ugly heart. It's disgusting and sad and pathetic and makes me so angry that someone can be so mean and horrible to another person and then not even have the balls to do it under their own name instead of "anonymous". It's not right.

  5. I admire you for your courage Beth! You know people can turn very bad if someone writes against the bullshit they write about others. I too can't hold back when I see someone bullying others just for fun and especially if guys think we are all whores and sluts only being there to get fucked and thrown away after it. YO have my full respect about doing it too in your blog and I hope you dont have to deal too much with them about it. Keep on fighting for more friendlyness and respect between people! I love you!


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