Monday, July 4, 2016


I'm going to fuss now.
And this isn't the place I should be fussing, but if I fussed where I should be fussing, I'd have a bunch of people calling me very bad names in a group chat.

See, there's this club I belong to and I'm in the group. The club... um... it rhymes with Becky's.

And there's this guy in the group. If you belong to, er... Becky's group, then you know who I'm talking about. I've never actually seen him in the club but almost daily he starts a group chat offering to take women shopping, though the past few days it seems he's given that up and is just asking for sex.
My problem is NOT with him.

It's with the others.

It's the same damn conversation every single time he posts, and for the life of me I can't figure out why a group of supposed adults that belong to a group for a SEX CLUB think it's perfectly acceptable to mock and bully someone for, you know, wanting sex or to explore his kink (watching women try on clothes, I think?).

It's herd mentality, I suppose. One person starts and then everyone else joins in and it's absolutely tiresome and juvenile and, well, just mean.
This guy, he's not hurting anyone. He posts his thing and then moves on. Bless his heart, he doesn't defend himself with the haters. I assume he posts and then closes the chat. At least, I hope he does because I'd hate for him to see the shitty things people say about him.

And it doesn't reflect badly on him, it reflects badly on those who join in making fun of him... and, quite honestly, I think it reflects badly on the club that the owner allows this behavior, and occasionally joins in. This club is for sex. It is designed for sex. It's ALL about sex. It's one of the few nice clubs in SL for adults where you go and people are actually having sex.

Yet... this poor guy gets picked on relentlessly.

I've talked to him once to ask him why he continues posting when he gets so much shit for it. He was a nice guy when we chatted. I've honestly considered taking him up on his offer a couple of times. I understand he buys fatpacks. I've heard from a few women who've actually had a lovely time with him and say he's a really sweet guy. I've heard from others who say they had a bad experience with him, but I tend to believe they probably acted like twats, and he bailed on them.
It infuriates me every time the sheep start baaing about him and several times I've typed out a nice, long response calling people out for their poor behavior, but let's face it... I don't want their ire turned on me.

Why do people have to be mean? What do they get out of it? Is it because they so badly want to feel like they belong that they join in with the crowd?

Didn't we leave that behind in high school?
What purpose does it serve? Hating on this guy who's just doing his thing?

I'm probably going to get banned from... Becky's... now.

That'd be a shame because I do like the club. I just hate how some of the members behave towards others. Politeness goes flying out the window and they act atrociously. It's very unattractive and I always make a mental note of the men who join in the bullying behavior and avoid them.

I assume they all have very small penises, quite frankly.

Anyway, that's my fuss for the day.

Be nice to others, y'all. The world has too much ugliness in it right now without adding to it through bullying.

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  1. Very well said, Beth! That kind of behaviour is right along with those who - in a sex club - complain about people actually, you know, having sex. As in, telling people to get a room, no-one wants to see that, etc.

    Really? In a sex club?

    I've come to the point where that kind of thing is a good indicator to me of whom I should block, sometimes pre-emptively.


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