Thursday, June 16, 2016

God Damn Gacha Resellers

This post is purely a rant, nothing more.

I'm annoyed at something so I'm going to bitch about it.
Really, I just needed a reason to post these photos and had nothing else... but this IS something that absolutely, positively annoys the ever-loving shit out of me.
Yeah, I'm talking about resellers who post pages and pages and pages of gacha crap on the marketplace.

They have made the MP virtually unusable.
And it pisses me off.

I love to shop, but I'm not a big fan of going to stores unless I have to. As you know, I'm frequently naked or nearly-naked in Second Life and going out to the stores means putting on clothes.

Most times I'd just rather shop on the MP, even if it's just to see what new things are available. I'll go to whatever category I'm interested in, and sometimes I just pull up everything, sort by all and start scrolling.
But holy shit, you guys... wading through all the gachas ruins fucking everything!

For example, I just went to all, sorted by new and clicked on page 4 and counted. Out of the 96 items on the page, over 60 were gachas. 

Two-thirds, people! Two-thirds of the damn page was gacha crap!
Come the fuck ON!

Is this necessary?? Isn't there a better solution?? How about a separate category for gachas? That probably exists, but nobody fucking uses it. Better still, how about an entirely separate MP just for gachas?? If you aren't the original creator of the item, you can't sell it on the MP. How does that sound?
Of course, the guilty parties aren't reading my blog, nor do they care that they are pissing me off. They're out to make money and they don't care that they're cluttering my MP shopping experience with their bullshit.

It doesn't matter what category you look at... clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair, household items, whatever... it's dominated by gacha resellers. They are, in my humble opinion, assholes.
I find the entire reselling of gachas distasteful anyway. I was on an SL break when gachas first became popular and I never really played them when I came back. I eventually started, of course, and yes, I even sold some. I set up up a little yard sale place thingie and had my own shop briefly... and I sold the stuff I had FOR LESS THAN WHAT I PAID THE GACHA MACHINE.

It wasn't about making money for me... I had extras and didn't need them and I didn't have the time or desire to get into the trade groups. I just wanted people to have the extra stuff I had. I think I sold regular stuff for L$10 and rares for L$50. I think I only did that for a couple of weeks because what happened was that every time I put new stuff out, some reselling asshole would come buy every single thing and put it up on the MP at a profit.

And that was NOT what I wanted to see happen.
I quickly gave up on that idea and just held on to all my extras... then Kay, the lovely lady from Image Essentials, opened up a gacha shop and asked her group members to give her extras. NOT so she could sell them and make a profit, but to help pay tier of the lovely space she created for photographers. 

I boxed up all my stuff and shipped it off to her. I need to do that again if she's still doing in. I haven't checked in a while.  
Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel that the original idea behind the gachas, and having them be transferable, was to create this secondary market for people to profit. I think the original intention was to have people trade items they had for items they needed.

And now it's just fucking out of hand.

I would LOVE to see gachas disappear. I would LOVE for the creators to spend their time making these items to sell in their own stores and to see them profiting off their creations.
And I would love to see all these resellers go right the fuck out of business so I can get back to my own MP shopping unhindered by all the crap.


  1. If it's helpful, when you put in a search term include "NOT Gacha" right after the search term. That should weed out at least a large percentage of the Gacha items.

    1. I just tried it and it worked okay if I was searching for something specific... i.e., belleza NOT gacha. But it didn't work at all when I went to categories and just searched by new.

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