Tuesday, May 31, 2016

So there was this guy...

This isn't the post I had planned today... had another written, all ready to go. Can't post that one now... lol. Because it was about this guy. And about a different future I thought I was going to have.

Yeah, I only just met him a few days ago, but boy... he completely swept me away. He was everything I ever wanted in a man... in a friend, in a lover, in a partner. The connection was just there... instantaneous.
It was like a wildfire... it just consumed us. It was magical. The hours we spent just talking, learning about each other. I babbled... god, I babbled. I let him in, let him see the parts of me that I don't let many others see.

It was real and it was amazing.

He was great. Is great.
Of course, he isn't mine. A guy like that... can't expect him to actually be free.

Oh, I thought he was. He thought he was, too. I guess realizing that he was moving on with someone else was enough to spur her into wanting him back.
I took these photos for him. Pictures of me to put around his place but that's not going to happen now.

This one hurts. Badly.
I really thought I'd finally... finally... found what I've been searching for.

Instead, I lose. Lost again.

I'm taking a few days away from SL, I think. I just can't right now.

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  1. It sounds sad and full of true feelings and emotions Beth. Im sure life keeps for you a better destiny in this world, plenty of happyness and joy. Take Care.

    Michel Tureaud


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