Thursday, May 19, 2016

Slow Ride

I am absolutely loving my little club.

I'm finding myself in a near constant state of arousal... in heat, if you will. Constantly. And I love having this little place to come to and lose myself in the eroticism you can find in an amazing Second Life fuck.
It's slow, though... soooooo slow! I need to members... good members. I need more people who understand that the best sex in Second Life comes through in words... intelligence, humor, filth, maturity. Those who understand what I say when I call it a "mental mind fuck".
I'm considering a few options. Right now, either people need to contact me directly, or another member has to send me their names, and this isn't optimal.

One thing I'm considering is renting a little spot where anyone can land and get a notecard with the rules and a small application to send me. I still haven't found a group subscriber that has a pending feature. Has anyone else ever seen such a thing?
Another thing I'm considering is having a few open social events. A couple of hours here and then, advertised in events, where people can come check out the club, meet me and see if they'd like to join the group... as well as for me to see if I think they'd be a good fit.
I know I'm trying to rush things but I'm terribly afraid my members will grow bored of coming to [ruined] and finding it empty. Most understand, I think, that it's new, and a sort of new concept and that it's going to take time to grow. Finding the right people is hard... turning people away is hard, but I'm doing it. I've had to make the decision not to slack on the rules... and that eliminates quite a few people, as well as the ones who contact me that I just don't feel right about. Something sets off warning bells and I'm heeding them.
But still... I encourage you to contact me if you're interested in membership. It's free... you've got nothing to lose. The best way to reach me is still by email at or by dropping me a notecard. 

I hope you'll join me, and the wonderful members we have so far, in creating a place where sensuality and eroticism reign supreme, good conversation, intelligence and fun aren't rarities and the pixel sex makes you orgasm until you can't walk. 

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