Thursday, May 26, 2016

No Apologies

Well... it was bound to happen. I should have expected it, and I suppose I did. Perhaps that's why I recruited a gentleman enforcer to do my dirty work for me... lol.

I had to start ridding the club of a few people who slipped in that didn't really fit with the vision I have for the club.

So it was either let go of my vision, or crack down.

I chose the crack down method. And I'm not sorry.

[ruined] is my club. I think I laid out my expectations pretty damn clearly in the rules. I gave people time to comply. I sent out the rules, and resent them, and begged people to please actually take the time to read them.

Some did, some didn't.
And a lot of it, especially regarding how people look, is entirely subjective.

But it is my club, my vision, my rules. And if people don't like it, they can certainly start their own clubs.

I've been accused of discriminating against full-figured avatars. I could have argued with her about that. Hell, I'm generously described as full-figured myself in real life. I could have pointed out to her that her head was the size of a pin head compared to the size of her body. And no woman with proportions like that has ankles the size of a pencil. Or the fact that it appeared she'd slathered her body in grease (is that supposed to be baby oil?). Not to mention the horribly bad tattoos or the extremely poorly made appliers she was wearing.
Would that have made it easier for her? "No, it's not because you're well-endowed, it's because you look like you just rolled in from the oil-wrestling pit at Jumbo's Clown Room."

I just let her believe that it was because she's full-figured.

Another gentleman left on his own. He and I had a disagreement earlier in the week, and the woman referred to above is a friend of his.

Oh well.
I'm not gonna lie... there are a couple of others I'd like to see go. People who slipped in during that brief period in the beginning where I allowed members to invite others without getting approval from me.

I'm certain they're wonderful, lovely people. Nice as fuck. Probably save puppies and kittens and little old ladies in their spare time.

They just aren't what I want for my club.
I didn't hide the fact that I was going to be extremely picky when it came to who was welcome at the club and who wasn't. I never once said it was going to be for everyone.

It isn't. It absolutely isn't. And if that makes me a snob, so be it.

I made this place for mature, intelligent, discerning people to have a good time. An adult time. And the 50+ members I have so far expect that atmosphere. It's what I promised them.

And it's hard to get aroused, to be titillated mentally or physically, when you've got people being sleazy and making people cringe.
I have tried to avoid using the big "C" word when describing the club and the clientele I want.

No, not THAT "C" word!


But I don't think I can avoid it anymore. I've talked all around it until I'm blue in the face. There is a certain class of people I want as clientele. As members. I expect my members to be equally comfortable sitting at the Algonquin Round Table as they would be in an orgy.
Both are important factors. [ruined] is a sex club that isn't a sex club. It's for people to be mentally AND physically stimulated.

And physical attraction plays just as much a role in SL as it does in the real world. And we're all attracted to different things when it comes to physicality. Some people dig the biker look, or the biker chick look. Great! That's marvelous for them.

The world would be a very boring place if we were all identical in our looks, wants and needs.

But SL already has the Snake Pit and a billion other biker bars.
I'm not attracted to outlaw bikers. Or frat boys. And I don't want to own a club full of wanna-be 1%'ers and frat boys and their female counterparts.

So. Yeah. No apologies. I want the intellectual perverts. The handsome nerds. The women who don't look like they'd pop if you stuck a pin in them. People who have the disposable income to keep their avatars up to date and care about how they look and aren't intimated by food that doesn't come from a drive-through window. People who read books, pay attention to the news and world events.

And love to fuck, but aren't satisfied with a run of the mill pixel fuck. Men and women who understand that the secret to an intense orgasm, or orgasms, comes from stimulating the brain first, and then the genitals.

When I have sex in Second Life, I give my all. I put myself completely into it... I don't know where SL ends and the real world begins because it's that intense. I take pride in knowing the men I fuck are as aroused as I am... because giving myself that way does turn me on. I draw pleasure from the pleasure I give others.
But only to a point. I expect my partners to give of themselves, too. I expect them to be as into the moment as I am. I want them to be lost with me in our time together in SL. 

I have high expectations of myself. I hold myself to the standards I've set in the club rules. 

A classically handsome, well-kempt man who looks as if he took time and care with his appearance ignites me. To me, that shows intelligence and passion simmering below the surface. Beautiful, well-spoken women in stylish clothing, with impeccable make-up, hair and nails, bubbling with unrepressed sexuality make me tingle from head to toe. 

The polished exterior and the sexual, raw, primal interior. 

That's what I expect. No more, no less.

Does all that make me a snob? Perhaps. I prefer to look at it as having discerning, discriminating tastes in friends and lovers. Some people come to SL and have nothing to do with the sexual side of it. And some come to SL strictly to collect notches on their virtual bedposts. 

Somewhere in the middle lies a group of people who enjoy the more PG aspects of SL... the sailing, the music, the shopping, the art exhibits, etc., and also enjoy the sensual, XXX side and are able to easily, comfortably, mingle those worlds. 
And I would like to bring those people together at [ruined]. And in order to make [ruined] a safe harbor for them, and for me, some people aren't going to make the cut. Many aren't. It simply cannot be everything to everyone. And trying to make everyone happy would destroy [ruined] for me. 

I won't compromise. If I do that, I might as well shut it down. And I'm nowhere near ready to do that. 

It's going to take patience... some will drift away waiting for the club to have enough members to fill its walls. But for those who stick with it, with me, we're going to get there. Even if we only add a couple new members a week, we'll still get there. 

It might not be today, or tomorrow, but eventually we'll make something magical.

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  1. Good for sticking to your guns. For myself, you've inspired me to actually start working on improving my wardrobe, for which I thank you. It will take me some time (if for no other reason than that RL is *very* busy for me right now, so online time is limited), but I have every intention of doing my bit to uphold your vision and set a good example.

    Hang in there; for what it's worth, you're doing it right in my book.


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