Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's Been One Week!

And I think I can take a breather and relax a little bit.

The membership is still very small... only forty fabulous folks so far, but I'm aiming for quality over quantity so I'm cool with that.

It's been an interesting week. A wonderful week. And a hard week!

Owning a club is a lot more work than I expected it to be. That's not really a complaint, but... jeez, things have popped up that I didn't think about.
My first big oops was allowing members to invite other members. I forgot that not everyone has the same tastes as me, and also... well, either they don't bother to read the rules, or interpret them in a vastly different way than I meant.

I took hold of that before it got too out of hand, but now it's more difficult for people to join since they all have to go through me and I'm not always around - and sometimes even when I am around, I need some me time!
I was hoping I could find a group joiner thingie that would have a "pending approval" option, but no luck with that yet.

Being (mostly) submissive AND an introvert, I'm finding myself getting worn out after playing hostess for too long. Trying to make sure everyone is having fun, feels welcome, etc. For an introvert, putting yourself out there like that is difficult and exhausting.

Being naturally submissive is also a slight impediment. I have a hard time correcting people when they break the rules... but I have to if I'm going to keep the club focused in the direction I want it. I don't like to offend people, or make them angry, and kicking people out (though I haven't had to) is going to be crazy-hard for me. My instinct is to nurture things and people, but I know that there are some that will take advantage of that in order to skirt the rules, especially right now in the beginning if I don't put my spiky stiletto down.
And that's also where the me time comes in... I've fast realized I absolutely have to put my auto-response on sometimes and just block everything out for a while so I can do my thing, quietly, for my own sanity and so I don't burn out on the club. And if I don't feel like logging on, I'm not going to log in. It's too small for me to hire a manager or anything like that yet, so club business will just have to wait while I take care of myself.

And the rules thing... I know damn good and well people don't read things. I know this from having a damn job in RL where no one reads their bloody emails, but holy fuck, it aggravates the shit out of me. Reading is fun AND educational, says Nerd Beth! But I keep getting this:

"So what's this club all about?"

"Did you read the vision and rules I sent you?"


OH FUCK OFF! Take five damn minutes to read the rules so I don't have to sit there and go through them all with you, please. Read first, THEN ask questions. We learned that in school, didn't we?

And also, "Oh, does that rule apply to me?"

Yes. Yes, it does. Yes, even you.

And my most favorite question is "So when are the busy times?"

There aren't any yet! It's a week old and we have forty members from all over the globe in a multitude of time zones.

But all in all, it's been amazing. And in all fairness, most people are reading and following the rules. And I've got a couple of incredible new lovers so, quite selfishly, I love that. I've met some really awesome people I probably wouldn't have met without [ruined] and I hope they stick around and be friends for a long, long time.
And it's just getting started! It's working! The people coming in are having sex! Sometimes with the people they come in with, sometimes with people they're meeting at the club, and that is so fucking perfect I get giddy and dance around like a grinning idiot. The more I talk to people, the more I realize that I'm not alone in what I'm hoping for... so are they. I'm hearing the same frustrations I have, and they are letting loose in my little club!

There is laughter, and sometimes deep conversation, and sometimes goofy conversation. Often very sensual, sexy conversation. And the clothes are coming off and the inhibitions are going out the window and people are having intimate, filthy fun sex. New friendships are being made. New lovers are meeting.

It's wonderful and exactly what I'd hoped for.

We're still short on men, though... lol!

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