Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pink Stars and Bumping Photos

Your photo is beautiful. Really stunning. A truly ace example of a Second Life screen capture.

Thank you for posting it on Flickr. I enjoy following you and seeing your work.

... six hours later ... 

Oh... I think I've seen this photo before. Yes, there's the little pink star I gave it so why is it showing up in my feed again?
What's that? You changed the date/time stamp so it would be moved up in my feed? You wanted to make sure every one of your followers in every time zone saw it?

Well then... fuck you.

You didn't get enough pink stars the first time around to satisfy your ego so you're forcing it on us again. THAT is what you're doing.

That is why you're following 3,000 people but rarely take the time to star any photos other than the first few at the top of your feed. You don't give a single solitary shit about the photos of the people you follow... you only want them to follow you back and give you your precious pink star.
You've created a feed for yourself that is simply too voluminous to actually go through. If a photo doesn't appear at the very top of your feed, you don't see it because it's not possible to go through every photo of every single person you follow.

Guess what? I do. I scroll through my entire feed. And so do many others, which is why this topic comes up on Flickr time and time again. Why follow someone if you have no desire to see their work?
And when you post your photo, and then bump it, you are cluttering my feed and making it take longer to go through. And because of that, I'm not able to give everyone's work the consideration it deserves. My time has value, but I believe it's important enough to take that time to see the stunning photographs people create in Second Life.

How selfish of you. Seriously, it's selfish. Completely unnecessary. Arrogant, thoughtless, narcissistic, and utterly hoggish.

I can unfollow you, yes. But I don't want to because I truly do like your photos and I truly do want to see them. But once is enough... and if it isn't, I'm perfectly capable of looking at your photostream to enjoy it again. I want to give you the pink star your photo deserves, but when I see it over and over again... well, your photo loses value.
My opinion of you is also diminished. Maybe you don't care? Is a pink star really worth more than that? Or 200 pink stars? 300? What is the price of your ego?

If you're guilty of this, and have such a huge list of people you're following that you can't take the time to go through them all... maybe, just maybe, it's time to unfollow some people. Try following only the people whose work you truly do enjoy and show them the appreciation they deserve, as you hope they'll do your work.

And when you get that down to a manageable amount of people, perhaps you'll see how utterly unnecessary it is to keep bumping your own photos. And how absolutely annoying it is to keep seeing the same photos over and over, even if it's the very best photo you've ever seen.
I don't expect every single one of my 1,700 followers to give me a pink star on every photo. Not every photo is to everyone's tastes. And that's fine. But I have people who follow me who've never faved a single photo... I have my doubts they've even seen my photos because they don't actually look at their feed.

The most stars I've ever gotten on a photo is 63. That's 3.5% of the people who follow me... and that's my MOST popular photo. 700 people actually viewed it so 9% of those folks took the time to give it a pink star. I have many photos with no stars at all.. and that's okay. I'm not butt hurt about that.

I'm just baffled as to why so many people would bother to follow me, but seemingly don't like my photos.
That's not true... I do know why. It's because they want me to follow them, so I can give them their pink stars. It's all a game.

And one that I don't play... I don't automatically follow someone because they followed me. I take a look at their stream and see if their work appeals to me, and not all of it does. In the beginning, I did follow a ton of people. I thought it was the polite thing to do to follow them back.

And I ended up with a feed full of photos that I just didn't like. I had to do some trimming, and it wasn't easy because some of them are truly lovely people that I'm quite fond of, and who have always been just delightful to me.
Flickr, to me, isn't just about showing off my work. It's about seeing work from others, too.

Another thing I don't do, or rarely do, is give pink stars to designers. I follow them because I want to see what they're creating, and what events they're going to be in. Their reward is in the lindens they get when I go buy their stuff. I also don't mind designers bumping their photos a couple of times. I need that reminder that the new dress is available now and I need to go buy it. But those photos aren't about making great SL photos... they're advertising a product and I'm perfectly fine with that. They're sort of like commercials to me.
Anyway, this is a lot of hot air about something that annoys the fuck out of me, and a lot of other people. I've unfollowed some photographers whose work I truly adored just because they were cluttering my feed with the same photo over and over. And I think that's a shame.

What is the value in a pink star if someone is just scrolling and starring without actually taking a couple of seconds to actually look at the photo? Your hundreds of pink stars are meaningless. Wouldn't you rather have 20 pink stars from people who actually take the time to see what you've done?

No? Okay. That's certainly your prerogative. Just as it is mine to withhold the stars and unfollow you.

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