Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Eating My Words?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know. I've said it. Blogged about it. Gotten in fights about it.

Mesh heads.

I hate them.

Or do I?

Because I'm seriously considering purchasing one now. Maybe. Maybe.

Tonight I tried all the Catwa demos. I didn't like Gwen at all so it's not included here.
First I tried the newest one, Sarah...
I like this, but it reminds me of someone... I'm not sure who, but definitely not me. There is something here that's just not right, though. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's something with the eyes that I don't like. So, no, I don't think so.

Next I tried Annie... 
I do like this one... but again, there is something that doesn't feel right about it. I dunno. Maybe? She's pretty, right?

Finally, I tried Jessica... 
Oh, now this one, I like a lot. Out of all the heads, this one felt best to me. I know I can do a lot of customizing to age her (I hope... Are there wrinkle appliers available? I didn't find any on my first glance at the MP...). 

I wish the lips were wider. That's something I noticed on all the heads... the lips are very small. I'm not at all a fan of the pouty look that others love so much, but it's not so pronounced on Jessica. 

For comparison, here is me... 
Maybe my lips are crazy-wide and I just never realized it before? Like when I had the super short arms and never realized it? 

I've not made any decisions yet, but I'm strongly considering buying Jessica. I suppose I need to look closer at all the appliers for it. I know I don't want to switch skins... I love my Belleza skin and my Belleza body (release that fucking update already, Tricky!) and the only wrinkles I saw came with a skin and not separate, so those are out. 

Grrrrr... I just don't know! I really like the way I look now... but Jessica looks great, too. Let's face it... I want the expressions for photos. 
Huh... just tried the Jessica head demo with the demo skin with Catwa applier that Belleza has out right now for Mix... not bad.  


Should I do it? I mean, if I do and end up hating it, I don't have to wear it, right? Or just wear it for photos? Those of you who've made the leap, is there anything that can be done to alter the shape of the face? Like my lips, or the really long nose? Can that be shortened? 

Opinions? Anyone? Bueller? 



  1. Currently, it's not possible to alter any other thing than the face stretch and another parameter I don't remember when it comes to mesh heads. This means that in particular, you cannot stretch the lips or move the nose.

    Some skin makers do their lips so it gives the impression that they're not as full as the mesh itself is. If you're willing to consider other skin makers, check DeeTaleZ and Lara Hurley. Belleza themselves are making beautiful skins as well.

    About wrinkles, I'm not sure if there are independent of the skin. I know that Izzie made dimple appliers for Catwa (and Logo) heads, so perhaps she has something about wrinkles - but I don't know. I think LAQ made a skin with wrinkles, but that was for the Logo head (YS&YS did too, but for Lelutka if I remember this right). Also, DeeTaleZ made freckles for the Catwa faces.

    All the skin makers I've mentioned have skin appliers for the Belleza body.

    Should you buy it? You're the only one that can answer that.

    Also, you're correct: You don't have to wear it all the time. You don't have to wear it at all if you're not 100% sold.

    Whatever your choice is, that's the right one if that's how you feel comfortable in SL. And if your choice goes through a mesh head, I hope I've been able to give some hints that could be useful for what you're after.

    1. Thank you! I think I've decided to hold off for a bit, until Bento is released so I can change the face to look more like, well... myself! Really looking forward to that because I do love all the options for the mesh heads!

  2. Perhaps by that time, I did read on Tricky's (Belleza) profile (picks) that Belleza will come with Mesh heads too. Only no idea when it gets released, next to an upcoming update for the three Belleza mesh bodies.

  3. FWIW, I use the Logo Chloe head, and I've noticed the same thing about the mouth - or, as you, maybe I just had a freakishly wide mouth. However, I've gotten to like the Chloe head, and found it well worth my while to get the add-on expression packs. One of them is the most adorable 'lip-biting' expression... and there's an extremely sassy, sultry wink, as well two or three good O-faces. :) It works very nicely with my Maitreya body, too.


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