Friday, April 29, 2016

A Minor Setback


I've had to move the club.

God damn it.

Oh, I'll take partial responsibility... I shouldn't have rented land next to the ugly ass monstrosity that I did.

But I read the covenant closely and what I objected to was most definitely against the rules. Shit like this...
Yes, those are full bright flat prim palm trees on the border of the land. 

Who the ever loving fuck thinks those fucking things look good?! Seriously??

I asked that they be removed. Or made transparent. Or, at the very least, have the full bright turned off.

But nooooooooooo... the estate owner gave me this bullshit about "oh, gee, it's a shame everyone doesn't follow all the rules! Oh well! Maybe you can block it with some trees or something".

How about no? How about I don't want to waste my prims by building a fucking forest to block the eyesore next door? How about fuck you? Does that work?

I should have pulled up stakes then, but I didn't. 

But then came the sound bullshit. This club had a media player that continuously looped a video called "Habibi, I Love You" by Ahmed Chawki featuring fucking Pitbull. How bad is this song? 

Listen for yourself...
It's fucking awful. And for some reason it bled over onto my land. And every fucking time I landed I heard this bullshit. 

In fairness, it might have been my fault. I had my roll-off set fairly high but still... it was on the fucking parcel next door. Others that I had check couldn't hear it, so it might have just been me. I had to blacklist the media player and it finally stopped, but not thanks to any help or knowledge from the estate owner about issues like this. And when I IMed the club owner trying to talk to him/her about it? Oh, they ignored me. They're French so they may not have spoken any English, but a "Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas l'anglais" would have been just fine. 

But nooooooooo... they ignored me. Mind you, I have nothing against the beautiful country of France or its fabulous citizens, but these cocksuckers were very poor representatives of their nation. Jackasses.

Okay, two strikes... 

The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back though?

I came home last night to find that the fuckers next door put up this giant ass stretched wall. 


Silly me... I thought surely the estate owner would do something now. I mean, look at that bullshit! How god damn childish can you be? 

The estate owner assured me that she would be "investigating". Investigating what? I sent her the same photo you see above. And then followed 24 hours of radio silence. No resolution, no "we're working on it", nothing. 


Nope, I'm done. Fuck those French fuckers and their tacky shit-show of a club and fuck the estate manager for not enforcing the rules SHE FUCKING MADE. Fuck every bit of that bullshit right in the fucking ass with no fucking lube. 

Fucking fuckers. 
So I found a new spot. With a reputable land broker. Same size plot, same number of prims AND a little less expensive. 

But now I'm back to having a big empty club... It won't take long to get everything back in place, but it's frustrating as fuck. 

So, yeah... minor setback. 

But only minor. 

I might have just broken a personal record for number of f-bombs dropped in a single post. Go me!


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