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A bit more about my new venture...

Hello, my fabulous people! First off, thank you all so, so much for your interest and encouragement about this little club I'm opening. I still don't have an opening date... It probably won't be for closer to another month because I'm taking my time to get it looking just the way I want it. 
Erick stopped by to make sure the bathroom was in working order.
I've had a lot of questions, though, so I thought I'd just post the notecard I've been working on that contains my vision and the rules, etc. Hopefully this will help clear up some of the questions I've been getting...
WHY [ruined]?
The name started as a joke. In one of our first conversations, Erick told me he was going to ruin me sexually, and he did. When I confessed to him that he'd ruined me, we laughed about how that would be a great name for a club. When I decided to move ahead with this project, that was the natural name. 
Because that's what I want our members to be... absolutely ruined by earth-shattering orgasms when they leave. Weak-kneed and fuck-brained and spent.
But why am I opening a club for this? 
For as long as I've been in Second Life, I've been searching for a certain type of place. I've had a vision in my mind for so long, yet I've never found it. In a fit of frustration, I finally came to the decision to make my own place, and hopefully will be able to shape it into the environment I've found missing - with your help.
What is that vision? A warm, welcoming, intimate club for adults. Somewhere to gather with other intelligent, funny, adult, sexy humans for conversation and sex. 
Yes, sex. Because that is [ruined]'s primary purpose. If you're not interested in tossing your clothes and getting your sex on, in public, then this isn't the place for you.
That may sound a little harsh but... I've seen it happen in too many other adult venues. Lots of people, no one talking, no one having sex. It feels cold and unwelcoming... and if anyone does decide to engage in sexual activities, they are mocked and shamed, publicly and privately.  
There will be no shame here. No pointing fingers, no catty whispers. This is about creating a safe and welcoming place for mature people to have adult fun and candid sexual conversation.
And by joining [ruined], you agree to share this vision with me.
Yep... the sink works well...
Again, let's be clear - if you come to [ruined], you're coming here to have sex. Or meet someone to have sex with, preferably at [ruined] because we're all kinda voyeurs. Yes, you're welcome to come hang out, too, but I expect that when you're here, you'll be involved. Conversation... not just standing in the center of the room looking gorgeous.
I have no desire to compete with any of the larger adult establishments in Second Life. [ruined] is intimate. It's one building. There will be no scheduled events. I'd rather have a small group of great members than 1,000 members who never visit and never participate.
As such, I'm keeping membership closed and would like for current members to recommend others. I'm not listing it in search, I'm not going to advertise.
Invite friends that you know will share in the vision of [ruined] and let's make this place something special. 
Yes, I have a bunch of them. Many of them may not be necessary... we'll see. I'm just trying to outline what I want the club to be, if at all possible, and the type of members I'd like to see. 
1. Absolutely no age play and no child avatars, no exceptions. Final judgment is mine, end of story. If I find your appearance or behavior questionable, you're out. And if it's blatant, you bet your ass I will be reporting you to Linden Labs.
2. This is a human only club. No furries, no bloodlines, none of that. Adult humans only*.
3. Respect is paramount. I expect all members to feel welcome, and be welcomed. All are to be treated with kindness and respect. I shouldn't have to state this in this day and age, but [ruined] is absolutely LGBT friendly. I'm afraid there won't be much gender-specific furniture for you to play on [check the desk in the office], but I promise you will be welcome here.
4. No means no. Period. And no one owes anyone an explanation. Just be nice about it.
5. No bling. No facelights. No gestures. No talking body parts. No particle effects. No heavily-scripted items. No dripping cocks, boobs or noses. 
6. You must look good. Your avatar must be updated. Second Life is a very visual place and I expect that you will have your avatar all gussied up and meshed out. No helmet hair, long hair on men, no Flintstone feet. Your boobs shouldn't be bigger than your head. Your cock should not be as big as your thigh. Nor should it be orange. Again, my word is final here. If I don't think you're up to snuff... sorry, but you're out.
7. I hate leashes. You and your sub are absolutely welcome here, but leave the leash at home, please. Collars and cuffs are hunky-dory.
8. On the subject of BDSM - this is NOT a BDSM club. Yes, there will be some kinky stuff. A cage or two, spanking apparatus, some fun stuff to get tied up on. As one of the tenets of [ruined] is respect, I don't want humiliation and degradation in my club, at least not in local chat. Hey, if that's your kink, great! Go for it! But privately. I do not want to see any member being treated disrespectfully. A smack on the ass? Yes. A smack on the face? No.
9. Nudity is, of course, welcome during sex, but this isn't a nudist club. When not engaged in sexual activity, kindly wear something, even if it's just a robe. Lingerie is cool, boxers are great. I want you to be comfortable, but tasteful. For god's sake, no system clothing. 
10. I'm vehemently anti-gun, and that goes for Second Life, too. No weapons.
11. No escorting. Free love, yo.
12. Sorry, no voice. I find it distracting and it takes away from the atmosphere of the club.
13. Let's not call what we do here role-play. Let's just be ourselves and fuck each other silly. No reason to invent story lines.
14. About daddy doms and babygirls. I'm a bit conflicted on this one and I understand that this type of play means different things to different people. If the babygirl is clearly an adult, in appearance, name and demeanor, I'm fine with it at [ruined]. Keep the baby talk in private chat, please, though. In local chat I expect all members to behave their age... as adult, mature humans. I won't know what the line is until I see it crossed. Again my club, my rules. I'll figure it out as I go along.
15. No incest. It just squicks me out.
16. These rules may change at anytime because I'm fickle that way. In any dispute of any rule, my word is final.
*I reserve the right to allow Caity's elf ears.
At this time, I'm choosing not to charge a membership fee, especially since I have no idea if this is going to work or not and I don't want to take your lindens and then shut down the club if it's a bust. 
There is a tip jar on the bar, though, and I would very much appreciate any help you want to toss my way to keep [ruined] up and running. Weekly tier is L$2,795/week and it would be nice to be able to buy some new adult furniture from time to time. Anything donated to the club will be spent on the club, whether through tier payments or items for the club. You have my word on that. I'm not in this to make a profit.
This is all new to me. I didn't put a ton of thought into doing this... I just barreled ahead. As such, I'm absolutely positive I'm going to make a shit-ton of mistakes. Please be patient with me as I learn the ropes of owning a club.
And I desperately need your suggestions and ideas. No idea is too silly, too ridiculous... please share them with me! I want this place to be yours as much as it is mine and together I truly believe we can make [ruined] someplace special!
So... thank you and welcome to [ruined]!
And that's it. I hope this clarifies some things. And again, if you're interested in being a charter member, please contact me. I prefer email... but you can also send me a notecard in Second Life or comment here. You can also reach me on Flickr.

Thank you so much... and I can't wait to get [ruined] up and running!

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  1. When I read this point:

    2. This is a human only club. No furries, no bloodlines, none of that. Adult humans only*.

    I knew the * was going to make an exception on Caity's ears :-)

    I wish you a good outcome of this project, and hopefully, fun and good (sexy) times and conversation.


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