Wednesday, March 30, 2016


So... last night.

This guy... and I think it's reached the point where I can call him by his name now... Erick. Erick is amazing.
When we talked for the first time... I mean really talked, not just saying 'hello' in passing, he told me he was going to ruin me.

He didn't lie.
I am so ruined. 
And it's extraordinary.

He gets me. And he's exactly what I've been looking for. I think. So far. It's still new.
But OH MY GOD.  He makes me smile, and laugh, and think, and... oh, yes... orgasm like there are fireworks exploding in my hoo-ha.
I really don't have a lot to say about these photos... I just wanted to have them to relive the night. Because it was one of those nights, the ones you want to remember and revisit and tingle over forever.
He doesn't wear the dominant label like some goofy badge of honor in SL, much like I refuse to label myself as a sub.

Because I'm not, despite what these photos show.
I'm a woman of various sexual appetites. Sometimes I want to be tied up and used like a filthy whore. And sometimes I want to be cherished and have sweet, soft love made to me.
I'm also just as likely to take over myself... not really in a dominant sense but more to show my man how I feel... how I treat him, love him... lust him.
I'll get distracted if his hands are all over me, so if he's not in charge, I can concentrate on showing my devotion... worshiping him. Reveling in him.
Because the men I choose deserve that. Erick certainly does.

But last night, he had all the control... and it was ethereally orgasmic.
He leaves me... no, we leave each other... absolutely obliterated. Unable to talk, unable to focus.

Completely ruined.
I am a lucky woman. I know this. I appreciate all the men who've come into my life because I've learned something from all of them. Every path I've taken, the good and bad, has led me to where I am now.

To the woman I am now.
A woman who's able to give myself... and it doesn't make me feel weak. Quite the opposite, really.

Strong. Empowered. Fierce.

Tender. Treasured. Utterly sublime.
Yes, I'm lucky.

I have a man who's accepting of what I have to offer him.
And I intend to accept everything he has to offer me in return.


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  1. Still inspiring, still growing, love and sparkles rose x


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