Monday, January 18, 2016

*insert dramatic sigh here*

Ho hum.

Here I am. Alone. Again.
Hello? Can you hear me? 
Naturally... as Gilbert O'Sullivan said. No, not Gilbert & Sullivan. I'm certainly not the very model of a modern major general, am I?

I'm doing lots of sighing these days. And since that's pretty much all I'm doing, other than redecorating my house over and over again, not sure what I have to blog about.
Lost Hugh.

Lost the rebound guy.

I'm not real keen on putting myself back out there right now. Don't even know where to go if I did. All my old haunts are full of the same people doing the same things. And I really don't have any desire to be the topic of anyone's gossip again.
I can go shopping, I suppose. Pretty places to take photos. Not much interesting to blog about, though.

Winter blahs, breakup blahs, gossip blahs. I think I'll just stay home for the time being. Might be time for an SL break... I don't know. Nothing really here for me right now.
I sound whiny as fuck, don't I? I hate that. I'm not feeling sorry for myself... I'm just frustrated and bored and, yeah, still broken-hearted. It sucks. And I hate going out and seeing other people, all coupled up and lovey-dovey. I miss having that. Hugh and I were pretty sickening, weren't we? Seeing it now from the other side, people must have just wanted to throw fire at us.
But I miss it. Him. I miss the rebound guy, too. I think he'd been sticking his dick in crazy for so long that when he realized I'm just as nuts, he bolted.
Smart guy. Can't really say I blame him... lol.

That was for the best... for both of us. Too many opposing world views... too much baggage on both sides. Still friends, but... yeah. We weren't meant for each other. That's what rebounds are supposed to be, right?
I'm totally not looking at porn.
Anyway, I think this is me signing off for a bit. I know the urge will come back... the urge to get out there and meet someone again. And to pour my heart out in this blog, but it's just not there right now. Why try to force it?
Anyway... I'll be back when I have something to say.

Or maybe just to show off my tits.


  1. Do what's best for you, Beth. It's been a hard go and you need to put yourself first. Maybe try new things? Go new places? I'm not sure what appeals to you... but maybe go and enjoy flings, no strings attached. One-night stands. Try girls, if that piques your interest. Or tgirls. Explore yourself, dare yourself to do things.

  2. Go where you feel is right, Beth! If that's off SL for awhile so you can let your batteries recharge, so be it. Healing is a funny thing and sometimes it's more about the journey than the destination.


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