Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fuck Guns

I get so god damn mad every time we have another mass shooting here in America.
I've been god damn mad a lot lately. I believe we're up to 294 this year. Two hundred and ninety four.

Two hundred and ninety four fucking mass shootings in one country. In the last 9 months. We're only on day 274 so we're averaging more than one a day.

How fucking god damn ridiculous is that? How very fucking stupid. How insane.

Yes, insane because it's clear we have a problem with lunatics in our country. And I'm not just talking about the lunatics who are the ones pulling the triggers- I'm talking about every fucking slack-jawed, Second Amendment-spouting, gun-owning jackass in this country.

I'm so fucking sick of you people.

Silly me, I thought that just maybe after 20 first graders got blown away just before Christmas in 2012, we'd be able to finally do something about gun control.


And if a bunch of dead children aren't enough to make people think about things a little differently, what can?

Oh, today's not the day to politicize it? Oh fuck you. Yes, it fucking is. The conservative republican party is fucking 50% owned by the NRA (the Koch Brothers own the other half). I know it, you know it, congress knows it and the fucking whack jobs in the NRA certainly know it.

But once again, we won't do a god damn thing about it.

Because you assholes think you have the right to own these fucking pieces of metal and plastic whose sole intent is to bring death. You know what? I don't give one single shit what the constitution says. Morally, ethically, you have no right, and fuck you if you think you do.

Oh, your argument is that if guns are illegal only criminals will have guns? Where the fuck do you think criminals get guns, you jackasses? They break into your house when you aren't home and steal your precious guns and sell them on the streets to other criminal for a bag of crack. So take that stupid ass argument and shove it up your asses.

Guns don't kill, people do? Yeah, well they'd have a lot harder time doing it without the guns. If you're going to come after me with a knife, you're going to have to get close enough to me to stab me. And there's a very good chance I'm going to rip your nuts off first and make you eat them. And the knife. So fuck you with that argument, too.

And yes, we fucking do need to be having a conversation about mental health in this country. So let's have it. I'm all for it. But while we're doing that and figuring out what to do, let's take the fucking guns out of everyone's hands. You can have them back once we have no more insane people in the USA. How about that? Is that a good compromise?

For me it comes down to this: If you live in the United States and you own a gun, and you aren't an active member of the United States Armed Forces or a police officer, you are a piece of shit. You are contributing to the deaths of innocent people. You have blood on your hands, and you are a complete piece of shit.

I don't want to compromise. I'm sick of arguing about it. I want your fucking guns. I want them gone. I want the Second Amendment abolished. I want the NRA to cease existing.

And mostly I just fucking want people to stop getting shot.

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  1. Well said...but nothing will ever change.

    Theres too many views, too much history, too many interest groups with political pressure, too many people on all sides screaming at high volume.

    At times it feels like trying to turn the oceans tides with a single oar.


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