Thursday, August 20, 2015

Your Children Freak Me Out

Second Life is an all-adult world for me. 

And believe me, I am very well aware that's only my world... I can't define what it is for anyone other than me.

My Flickr is an extension of Second Life. You'll never see me posting real life photos on there, and I really hate when others post theirs. As a matter of fact, if people do it too often, I'll end up unfollowing them. I have no wish to see your real life... unless it's pictures of your cats. Cats are always good.
Children and everything child-like in SL just absolutely creeps me the fuck out. Mainly because I try to keep my world to adults only so it's disconcerting to see photos of children on my Flickr feed.

I follow some pose makers and designers that occasionally post photos of the poses they've made, etc., for children and I give them a pass because they're selling something. I don't get it, though. I don't know why they'd want to focus any aspect of their business on children, especially when a lot of their products are designed for adults with adult options with a capital A.

It's icky as fuck to see an ad for an adult pose that is very sexual in nature, and then one of a child swinging on a swingset or something. If I had my druthers, those creators would have a separate feed for their children and family lines - like Gap Kids or something.
Worse than that, though, are the people who post their Very Adult photos, and then the photos of their sweet little SL family. Gross, gross, gross. Those get a very quick unfollow from me. I don't want to see your fake children. Oh, how I wish Flickr forced tags on any photos containing children, along with an option to block those same photos.

I know it's not any of my business. I don't understand why you feel the need to have prim babies (or worse, adults RPing as your children) but I also don't need to understand. That's your business, your choice. But I don't want a damn thing to do with it. I do think it's creepy. I just do. And if you have little fake children in Second Life, I just think you're creepy, too.

Look, I played with the idea, too. I'm not totally innocent here. Somewhere in my inventory lives a Mama Allpa. The ex knocked me up and it was a tiny bit exciting. I even considered having the thing until I got a good look at the creepy fucking prim child offerings out there. I am so, so glad I "aborted" that shit and didn't go through with it!

So I get the curiosity factor. I don't get this urge people have to keep adding to their prim baby collection... and toddlers and whatever. It even disgusts me when I look at someone's profile and see their family tree. Parents, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews.. and they're all adults talking about how much they love their sissy, etc.
I am not a psychologist, though. I get that some people use it as a sort of therapy. A way to relive and recreate childhoods and family situations that in reality were awful and they're trying to create new, better memories.

Perhaps some therapist has even suggested role play as a healthy way to heal. I don't know. I doubt it, though, especially when many people with traumatic childhoods are also extremely sexually reactive. From my admittedly limited view of these folks, it rather seems many of them end up recreating the traumatic experiences. Men who like to pretend to be doms, but in actuality just hate women, seem to prey on these damaged women, offering them some sort of twisted protection and just end up solidifying the (wrong) notion that all men are abusers.
My last gripe about children in relation to SL involve those who post photos of their real life children on Flickr.

How goddamn dare you? You're posting photos of yourself getting fucked twelve ways from Sunday (and I clearly have no problem with that!) and then posting pictures, publically available for any pervert to see, of your children. You are supposed to be protecting them. Did they give you consent? Of course not- they aren't old enough to give consent. If I'm able to see them, then anyone can. And at that point, you have lost control of what happens to that image.

Why would you do that to your child? How naive are you? I have a handful of people on SL and Flickr that are actually friends... people I'd be comfortable sharing RL anything with. You are not one of those people. And I should not be one of those people for you. We are strangers.

Stop doing that. If you absolutely have to show people photos of your precious little snot-monsters, create a real life account and limit who is able to view them to people you would trust with your life. You follow, and are being followed by, a thousand or more people on Flickr. Do you really know those people? Trust them? For your children's sake, I certainly hope not.
So, yeah... children in SL, adults pretending to be children in SL and avatars posting photos of your real life children- you give me the creeps. If I start regularly seeing children on your feed- prim, avatar or real, I'm going to unfollow and block you. I don't want you seeing my photos, either. They are for adults only and I don't want the risk of any contamination or cross-over between the things I post and anyone underage, real or otherwise. It's why almost all of my photos are restricted, whether there is nudity or sexual activity or not. I have to at least make an attempt to keep things limited to adults in any small way I can.

And if I land anywhere in SL and see children, I'm out in a flash. Whether it's going to see a musician, or shopping in a store or event, I'm out. I don't even want to see the little orange cloud after I mute them. And knowing they're all adults in little tiny toddler bodies dancing around speaking gibberish and baby talk is fucking weird as all fuck. I'm sorry, in my opinion, it just is.

That's just me, though... you're free to do as you wish (unless you actually are a pedaphile...) but I won't condone it or be any part of it. I think it's wrong. I'm not going to try to stop you from doing whatever it is you feel you need to do, but I'll be damned if I'll be anywhere near it.

Thus ends today's rant.

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