Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coming Together

Hugh and I are in the not-unique-to-SL-at-all position of not being able to be together all the time.

Sometimes it's a day, sometimes a week or more. Sometimes it's because RL circumstances don't allow us to see each other, and sometimes we both need a break away from SL for a few days. Sometimes we're able to grab a few minutes here and there, and sometimes neither of us are up for raucous sex.
One thing is for certain, though- we always end up back in each other's arms and nakedly clawing at each other trying to get as close as possible!

Last night was one of those nights. We'd not had sex in a couple of weeks and we were both ready to explode.
But we also wanted to take our time. And my most darling beloved man won't even think about letting himself go inside me until I've cum, and cum again, and usually cum a couple more times for good measure.

He's good like that. :-)))
And he had a very special surprise for me last night! 

It's no big secret that I'm all about the butt stuff. I love anal. Anything anal. I am a woman who adores having her ass played with, and fucked. And I love giving, too. Not putting on a big giant strap-on and going to town on him- I'm not a man and I have no wish to play the role of one. I don't have a cock and don't want a cock. But I go wild when I'm able to get my mouth down there and lick and kiss and taste and... growls

After teasing each other on the dance floor at American Graffiti for a while (it was Beatles night!), we made our way back to my bed. He rolled me onto my belly and delivered the most fabulous tongue-lashing ever. 

He never, ever forgets to tease my little rosebud when going down on me, but this time I got a good old fashioned rim job that curled my toes and set my belly on fire and had me thrashing and squirming and ended with me squirting all over the bed and his smiling face. 
When I absolutely couldn't take it anymore (he knows when I'm reduced to typing gibberish), he dragged me up on the pillows and shoved his cock in my face.

Not in my mouth- not in the beginning, at least. First he rubbed it all over my cheeks, slapping them with that fat, thick shaft I love so much, and let me feed on his sac, sucking and licking and kissing. I love feeling their weight in my mouth, when they're all heavy and full for me.

Then he let me have his cock... guiding my head, pushing it past my tonsils and filling my throat. God, I love when he does that. It makes me all creamy and wet just thinking about it. Slobbering, drooling, slurping his thick cock.

I love sucking his cock. Feeling his little throbs and jerks as my throat stretches around him...


And when he's fucking my mouth like this, I can grab his ass and tease his little pucker, too. Just the tip of a slim finger wriggling just inside him... tasting those yummy little drops of precum that ooze out for me when I do that drives both of us wild.
So wild he either has to give me a mouthful of cum, or get that cock inside my pussy.

And my pussy was sooooo ready to be fucked hard. I desperately needed him inside me.
Often, he likes me to be on top. He loves watching my tits bounce, loves to reach up and grab them and twist and pinch my nipples and watch my face as I work his cock with my pussy, but last night we both needed him to be on top, driving relentlessly into my tightness.
We writhed together, locked- bodies, souls, staring into each other's eyes as we fucked. Loved. Sweaty, sticky, laughing, grunting, clawing.
Deep... so deep in my pussy I could feel him throbbing in my belly. In my womb. His balls slapping me with each hard thrust, grinding his pubic bone against my clit until I exploded all over his cock.
And he loves feeling me cum, clenching and gripping and squeezing him. When I become incoherant, again, and just beg him to fill me with his cum. To cum with me... fall over the edge with me.
And I know... I can feel him. Swelling so impossibly full inside me... can feel it rising, the way his body tenses, and pauses for that briefest second before he shatters and I'm rewarded with his seed, deep inside my womb. Those spurts and jerks and curses and the sticky, gooey proof coats me from the inside and I want to keep him there forever.
And the afters... the kisses, the laughter, the whispered reverence as we celebrate love and the bliss of having each other. This magical thing we've found that wraps us in our own little world where nothing, no one, can touch us.
Curled together, panting breaths slowing to a steady thrum as we grow drowsy together. Affirmations whispered. Promises made and kept.
Joy, and finally sleep, where we share our dreams. The undying passion pulling us back together in our most vulnerable states. The comfort we find in each other's arms, the glow, and the aching need for each other that never truly dissipates. 

And then waking him when it's time, my tongue teasing his cock to fullness again, so we can do it all over again. 

Happiness is ours.

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