Monday, July 13, 2015

Part III - Ignoring the Real Issue

The problem here is that by focusing our attention on silly things like kimonos and flags, we're completely brushing over the real issues that need to be addressed. The real racism, the real sexism, the real oppression and discrimination.

And in the case of that damn flag, the very real problem of (lack of) gun control in America.
I can't... won't... even pose with a real fake gun in world, so...  BUBBLES! Bubbles are awesome!
I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but I have a strong feeling that there is a very real agenda behind why the flag fiasco came to the forefront- it stopped people from talking about guns. How utterly ridiculous is it that we have spent so much time since the murders in Charleston worrying about a goddamn flag instead of keeping the guns out of the hands of people who should not have them?
And this is where I get angry. I feel used by the media... we have been manipulated into making a Very Big Deal out of something that all Americans know is a symbol of racism and hate and that the vast majority of Americans look at with scorn already. Most of American already knows that there are a bunch of really painfully ignorant southerners who are still clinging to the misguided ridiculous notion that the south will rise again in all its bigoted, racist glory and we know that isn't going to happen and that those idiot rednecks are a dying breed that are being left behind as we progress.

Yet we allowed the conversation to be steered away by FOX News, the NRA, the Republicans and a host of other old white men cradling their AK47s to their bosoms while sobbing their pathetic, tiny-dicked battle cry of "They're after my guns!"
Dylann Roof is responsible for murdering 9 black people in a church. He used a gun he never should have had. He used a gun.

Do not throw your goofy "guns don't kill people" line at me. You insult my intelligence while making a laughing stock of your own lack of intelligence. Study after study after study have shown time and fucking time again that more guns does not equal more safety. If you carry a gun, you are more likely to be shot. You can deny that all you want- the numbers prove it. Google it for yourself if you don't believe me. Having a gun does not mean you are safer- it means the opposite.
The truth is, I would like to abolish all guns. I, of course, know this isn't possible. Strict gun control and strict regulation are all we've got. I've written about this before and I'm not going to go through it again.
Guns are bad. Guns are even worse in the wrong hands. And those wrong hands are far too often people who are legally able to purchase them.

And I'm livid that in the wake of the tragedy in Charleston, we've been coached into a fight about a fucking flag.
This is how America deals with issues. We don't get to the heart of the matter- we gloss over. Our government is so mired down in bullshit traditions and layers of bureaucracy that nothing ever fucking gets done. The very way our country was designed is what is keeping it from ever fucking accomplishing anything. We have our three branches- executive, legislative and judicial. Our two party system is fucked because neither side will give a fucking inch- not because of our politician's beliefs, but because they have been bought and sold.
We swear our fealty to the Constitution- an out-dated document that belongs in a museum right alongside the Confederate flag. And oh my god, the vitriol that is spewed if anyone dares suggest that maybe it's time to rewrite the damn thing in a way that makes sense in the 21st century. Thanks to individuals like Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers, who have the power money to not only buy the politicians, but the media, too, and lie like mother-fucking dogs in order to instill such a fear of change in the American people. And they get richer while everyone else gets poorer, thus insuring that the lower and middles classes, and even the upper classes, have zero power because the country is run by the 1%.
We have the Senate and the House of Representatives passing legislative measures that none of them actually like because by the time there is a vote, there is so much pork added to the bill, serving not the country, but small constituencies with big pockets. The House fights each other tooth and nail until one side is worn down enough to give in, then it goes to the Senate for the same asinine fights, until a bill is passed that has so many layers of bullshit that the original intent is long forgotten. Meanwhile, the president is sitting there twiddling his thumbs while the children in Congress fight and then we have the Supreme Court passing Citizens United making corporations people. And that doesn't even touch on state government... followed by county government and city government until every fucking thing is governed into impotence.
It is all so ridiculous that it would be comical if it wasn't true.

And everyone knows that things are fucked, but it's always the other guy's fault. Congressional approval is constantly in the toilet, yet we keep electing them over and over and over because the Super PACs have the unlimited funds to flood the airwaves with ads full of lies, on top of lies, with some additional lies thrown in for good measure, and the great people of American sit in front of their televisions growing just downright indignant because the commercials are telling them to be.
But they're indignant for all the wrong reasons. It's all about pointing fingers, but we never, ever point the finger back at ourselves. We let this happen. We are at fault. We are a young, gullible, stupid nation of people who have been indoctrinated with so much false patriotism that we cannot take a step back and say "wow, our government is FUCKED" because it would be admitting fault with the Greatest Nation in the World.

What's the answer? I have no goddamn idea. I know the Constitution needs to be tossed and rewritten but that will never happen because 'Murica. We cling to our stupid traditions that are... hell, the country is only 239 years old (counting from 1776)! How the fuck can we be so stubbornly opposed to change when we're still in our infancy?
It's that creepy, cult-like mindset that America is the best, no matter how many of our citizens are dying, living on the streets, unable to pay their bills, unable to afford college, or medical care, or healthy food, or any of a multitude of other factors that just might point to the reality that our nation is flawed... seriously fucking flawed. We stand at attention, hands over our hearts, reciting the stupid fucking Pledge of Allegiance that closes with "One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" (I refuse to use the "under god" part because it wasn't in the fucking original fucking version and was only added in 1954) and never give a single thought to what those words are actually fucking supposed to fucking mean.
We don't take care of each other. We are constantly trying to gain the upper hand over our fellow man instead of all holding hands and pulling each other, helping each other, forward.

This is a nation divided. Fractured. The United States of America is in crisis.

And until we're all ready to cut the fucking bullshit and start talking real, it's just going to continue to get worse.
We need to get back to basics. We started with a pretty decent thing, but with many, many flaws (see the Three Fifths Compromise) and we take a couple steps forward, then a step back, over and over and over and we're now in a spot where it's just getting worse.

We've had a few good things recently. The Supreme Count made some fine decisions.
But, oh, people are pissed about it. The redneck contingent is all up in arms (literally, with their guns) screaming about their religious freedoms being trampled on, their precious flag being trampled on, and, god help us, we're all still trying to take their fucking guns. We're still giving the big fat middle finger to other countries, other cultures, that are *gasp* different instead of saying, "okay, cool, you're different, let's see what we can work out" because we're fucking AMERICANS, right, and we don't dilly-dally around with your other way of doing things. We're right and you're wrong, neener, neener, neener, and you can just fuck right off.

We're mavericks, right, Sarah Palin?

No, we're fucking idiots.
Part IV to come...

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