Monday, July 6, 2015

Been A While!

I've not posted recently... thought I'd better change that!

The thing is, I don't have a thing to post about. I'm not pissed off at anything, no great drama going on. Everything is just sunshine and kittens farting sparkly rainbows at the moment.

So... since I have nothing to say, here's some photos Hugh and me doing that thing we do.
Yes, we're just cuddling in all of them.
Kidding! We're totally having sex.
He really liked this little handkerchief top and wouldn't let me take it off.
And I really liked those jeans so I wouldn't let him take those off.
The next ones are all from last night.
It had been a few days. I was, er... energetic.
He had no trouble keeping up with me.
Spurts and squirts all over the place. O.O
And then snuggles and kisses.

So, yeah... that's pretty much my life right now. Isn't it grand?!

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