Saturday, June 20, 2015

We're Done Here, Right?

I'm talking to you, United States of America.

We're finally done, right? I mean surely after the cold-blooded murder of nine innocent people in a mother-fucking church just because of the color of their skin, we can all finally agree that we have a gun problem, right? RIGHT? We can finally have the conversation that needs to be had about the Second Amendment and what it really means??

It's so obvious, isn't it? We have a problem.

Oh, wait... I forgot. THIS is the same country that didn't want to politicize it when a 20 year old managed to kill 20 six and seven year olds while they were sitting in their classrooms.

The slaughter of children wasn't enough to make us make some fucking changes, so the deaths of nine black folks is hardly going to cause a blip on the radar.

I live in a country where if I walked outside topless with these hanging out...
...people would be scandalized. 

God forbid anyone should see one of these...
Why, they'd be scarred for life. FOR LIFE.

If I went outside my house nude, I'd be arrested, thrown in jail, my family would be horrified (actually, my family is pretty cool and probably wouldn't be ashamed at all)... I'd most certainly lose my job, which would mean losing my home. I'd probably end up on the streets. 

Nudity is a crime. Something to be ashamed of.

But apparently we're okay with this. 
My fellow Americans, we're a bunch of fucking idiots. A collective blight on this planet. Shame on us. SHAME ON US.

I live in Kentucky. We've got a lot of gun owners here. And not a single fucking one of them belongs to a "well organized militia". And if you don't know how that relates to the Second mother-fucking Amendment, perhaps you ought to read the god damn thing. Hell, I don't even know anyone who belongs to a poorly regulated militia. 

I am so disgusted... horrified... by what this country has become. This monster said he was there "to shoot black people". Today, republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is unsure what motivated the shooting. He goddamn said he was there to shoot black people.

And this is what is at the crux of our problem- American conservatives have their heads so far up their asses they simply cannot see the truth that is right in front of them, in the form of 12,560 bloody corpses in 2014 alone. 

Why aren't the conservatives horrified by this? I mean, allegedly, they're human. 

Look, the god damn Constitution of the United Fucking States of America is a fucking piece of paper. It's the SOP of this country... Standard Operating Procedures. Every company has one, and if they're worth anything, they're constantly revising it and changing it with the times.

But, oh no, not the precious Constitution. It's a sacred historical document and it must not be changed.

How god damn stupid is that? Jesus fucking Christ, people. You simply cannot believe... you cannot believe... that our country's forefathers had this shit in mind when they drafted the Second Amendment. Our citizens, our children, are being slaughtered because some dead guys wrote a paper a few hundred  years ago before we had, you know, electricity.

I'm just gobsmacked. The abject stupidity of American conservatives is astounding. 

Oh, and the evil... the pure, unfiltered evil. I'm speaking of the NRA now. Let's not fool ourselves for one second into thinking they are anything other than a hate group- a terrorist organization. They are far, far more dangerous and evil than ISIS. And they have congress in their pockets

It makes me sick. It all just makes me so damn sick.

The president is angry, and that's a good thing. 

The problem is that his hands are tied by congress, and therefore tied by the NRA and their money and their god damn lies about how Americans need guns in their hands to protect themselves from the boogeyman. And there are so many ignorant Fox News watching morons that just feed on all those lies... just swallow them up as if Jesus Christ himself appeared before them and told them they must own at least a dozen automatic weapons. 

Guess what, you jackasses? Jesus was a peace-loving hippy who loved everyone and would never have owned a gun. Ever.

You absolute imbeciles. 

You god damn fuckwits. 

You bring shame on America. And I apologize to the rest of the world. We don't all own guns. We are not all that fucking stupid. But, like the president, our hands are tied, too. We have a corrupt congress, and everyone here fucking knows it, but we won't vote them out of office. We get mad at them, and their approval rating is in the fucking toilet, but every election cycle, the NRA and their ilk pour millions and millions and millions of dollars into their brain-washing advertising full of lies and trickery and deceit, and we fall for it every fucking time. Every. Fucking. Time.

And, no, we don't understand it, either. 

And so there will be more and more shootings, and more deaths, and more people will repeat the cycle and run out to Wal-mart to buy their guns to protect their families because the NRA told them to, and more Adam Lanzas and Dylann Roofs will get their hands on those very same guns and will continue to shoot innocent men, women and children in churches and elementary schools.

Who feels safer now? 


  1. You kinda lost me when you said that NRA is more dangerous than ISIS, perhaps you should drop by one of those countries where those gentlemen are in 'power', and see what they would do to you if you decided to prance around naked?

    Hopefully you were just being facetious there, but with a post like this, already filled with statements of 'apology to the world' for the 'sins' of America, you might be taken seriously there for a minute even stating something so blatantly absurd.

    It's the kind of statement that will elicit only negative reactions and people can rebut to it and ignore the rest of what you said. It's like telling to someone who made a mistake, or several, where did he make such a mistake and then ruin it calling him names. The person will always have the excuse that you insulted him and argue with you about your manners rather than the subject at hand. You know, the equation pro gun-control = anti-american, 'unpatriotic', 'lefty', that sort of stuff.

    I could cherry pick other statements in your post like that, but I prefer to just say, that I agree 100% on the fact that it's silly to keep treating the right to bear arms like it was in the Chart. Being allowed to have your own weapons meant back then that the State didn't have the monopoly on military force, and therefore a grassroots rebellion could start anytime should the Government become a tiranny. In this time and age, it's hardly a bastion of democracy and more like a constant hazard. Statistics show it and prove it.

    It's not as if gun control laws prevent lunatics from making spectacular massacres like this on, of course. There are laws against, well, homicide! And the kid didn't care for it, I doubt he would care wether it was legal for him to have a gun in his hand or not.

    But in social groups where a gun makes a nice birthday gift for an angry young man, it will probably be very hard to change it overnight with a Federal law.

    1. No, I wasn't being facetious... I meant it. As an American on American soil, the NRA are a far greater danger to me than ISIS. I have absolutely no fear of ISIS. The threat from them is so very miniscule on American soil that they mean very little to me, fear-wise.

      On an international level, yes, of course I believe they are the epitome of evil and should be obliterated. Let me be clear, though... I mean ISIS militants only, not Muslims, who are kind and wonderful people.

      And the point of this whole rant was that it doesn't matter what I say, or how hyperbolic I get, nothing is going to change as long as the NRA has a stranglehold on America. They can't be reasoned with, are unable to engage in intelligent discourse and see any discussion of gun control as "ERMERGERD, MAH RIGHTS!"

      I want *all* guns abolished. And barring that, I want crazy strict gun control laws. I want to not only prevent monsters like Dylann Roof and Adam Lanza from owning guns, I want to prevent people like Adam Lanza's mom from owning guns. In my mind, she was just as responsible for what he did as he was. She knew her son was nuts and still kept a cadre of weapons in the house.

      I really am embarrassed by my country... and if that makes me unpatriotic, so be it. I'm from a state that keeps electing Mitch McConnell over and over and over, and that's pretty fucking embarrassing. Any lunatic can walk into a gun show and buy a gun from a private dealer without even a cursory background check. That's pretty fucking embarrassing. Marijuana users are getting life in prison, but people who murder children are getting 10, 15 year sentences. That's fucking embarrassing. Men like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have a chance of being elected president. That's fucking embarrassing.

      And men like NRA board member Charles Cotton are blaming the reverend and his congregation for their own deaths because they weren't packing heat in church. THAT is really fucking embarrassing. And the fact that he has an audience of fawning sycophants to agree with him is fucking dangerous as fuck.


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