Saturday, June 6, 2015

In For A Penny... for a pound, right?

I guess the first thing I should mention is, hey, the blog is back! Haters gonna hate, whatever. My blog, my words, my opinions, my rules. My comments will now be moderated before they're posted, though. If people want to disagree with me and have a debate, cool. But I'm not going to put up with anyone telling me my opinion is wrong. Comments like that will be glanced at, then deleted. 

I did a lot of thinking, and writing, while the blog was dark... still not sure if I'll make those posts public or not. For right now, I'm inclined to just jump back in.

So here I am. Friday night. 

Hugh decided to have an early night, so I was left to my own devices. This usually means trouble.

Tonight it meant getting frustrated all over again about the Belleza Venus and the long-awaited, long-promised, never-delivered update. 

Look, I freaking love the Venus. It's gorgeous. In my opinion, none of the others come close to it.

What I don't like is the fact that the neck "fix" is just bad. And the alpha cuts are terrible. 

And what makes me sad is that I've noticed that a few designers that were making appliers, shoes, etc. for Venus have stopped. I'm seeing new releases that previously included Slink, Omega, Belleza and Maitreya dropping the Belleza part. I haven't spoken to anyone about this... but it doesn't bode well for Belleza, I don't think. 

And then there are all the rumors floating around about what's going on, or not going on, with the Belleza update. I'm not going to repeat them because I have no idea whether or not they're true. But, still... 

But anyway... I got frustrated. Really, mostly entirely about the bloody neck fix. So once again, I tried the Maitreya Lara demo. And this time I was determined to give it a fair shake... and that meant trying on skin demos. Lots of skin demos. Lots and lots and lots of skin demos. 

It's an arduous task... changing something that you love. I love my Belleza Mya skin, but they're obviously not going to make a Lara applier. I really wanted to find something close to the Mya skin. Something that didn't look like I was 20 years old. Something that kept my personality. 

Demo, delete, demo, delete... over and over and over. 

I stayed away from the Glam Affair skins... in my opinion, they've all looked too polished and too perfect and too young.

Demo, delete, demo, delete... 

Okay, fine, I'll try the Glam Affair skins again.
Yep, you guessed it... I fell in love with two of their skins. I adored both the Amberly and the Zara skins. With my eye wrinkles and freckles, it aged them both a bit. After spending an inordinate amount of time switching the demos back and forth, I finally settled on the Amberly skin in the Jamaica tone. I will go back for the Zara skin once I can justify spending another L$5,000, but that won't be today.
Then off to Maitreya to purchase Lara. Then to the Omega shop. 

The Lara HUD is amazing. The alpha cuts... oh, the sweet, sweet alpha cuts! THE NECK FIX! It's perfect! You can barely see the line! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Mind you, I still don't like the Lara body nearly as much as I love the Venus. I don't like the shoulders and I don't like the tits. And the fact that you can't change the color of the nipples. Why are they so pale?! I hate that. I love my Venus boobs. I love them! I miss them already! And the hands... that one frozen hand position just doesn't do it for me. They look incredibly stiff and unnatural to me.
I found a work-around for the nipples... a couple, actually. One is the Graffitiwear Nipple Tattoos. I bought these a while back for the Venus, but they looked terrible. Naked, they still don't look good. But underneath sheer clothing, they look fine and for only L$100, well... they'll do. 

The other work-around are these incredible mesh nipples from Soft Voices Creations. Wow. I sort of love these. There is a hard and soft version included in each pack and a HUD to let you change the color. Woo hoo! They're a little pricey at L$500, but SO WORTH IT if you're like me and hate the pale boring nipples with the Lara/Glam Affair combo.
I'm picky and peculiar, though... there is just something about the shape of the Lara boobs that I don't like. I fiddled with my shape a bit and made them a little bit better... but, damn it, I love the Venus boobs!
So, for right now, I have both. I am hoping and praying to a god I don't even believe in that Belleza comes through with that update so I can go back to it full time. 

I think I'll probably end up keeping the Glam Affair skin, though. It's growing on me more and more.

Can we talk about these nipples again, though? Soft Voices really did an incredible job with these!


  1. And... There it goes something I'm going to try out (the mesh nipples). Thanks for the pointer!

    Glad to see you back :-)

    1. Let me know what you think of them!

    2. I tried the demo. Sadly, they don't fit well in my shape: The areola goes under the Lara's one, and being fitted, you can't move them. But it's good knowing that there are mesh nipples around. Like you, I also miss all the color options that Venus has for them (and like you, I also think that Venus' breasts are more beautiful).

      In any case, thanks for pointing at them :-) (I'm sure that they will work for others.)

    3. Ack... I'm sorry they didn't work for you! I hope you tried the demo first so you didn't spend any money on 'em!

      On another note, I just found the BK Big Nipple Appliers and I love them. Not mesh, just a tattoo but the texture is SUCH an improvement over the Graffitewear ones.


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