Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Worship Services

Let's get back to basics, shall we?

Hugh and I usually go dancing, then back to one of our homes for some sex. 

Tonight we decided to dance at Teqi's.
Neither of us had really been here for a while. I popped in over the weekend just to see if anything had changed. I was alone and didn't stay long... I think it was around 3am and way past the time good little girls go to bed.

Tonight, I was in the mood for just a down and dirty public fuck. Luckily, so was he. I do like being watched. And I love letting the world see how much I crave this man, and his cock.
I'm honestly unsure of who enjoys my blowjobs more- him, or me? Because when I'm on my knees in front of him, and his cock is thick and throbbing and he's feeding me and filling my throat... all it takes is giving my clit the slightest little pinch to make me orgasm.
And he loves to pull me right down on his cock when I'm still cumming... stretching me, inch by inch, while my pussy is still quivering. It always sends me over the edge again. Sometimes he pulls me down on his cock hard and fast... sometimes he guides my hips down slowly, letting me feel every thick pulsing vein. He loves the way my pussy grips him when I cum, loves feeling me shatter around him.
Sometimes when we fuck, my orgasms just blur together... one after another, never fully stopping. My brain shuts down and everything becomes base, primal and raw. Fucking him truly is a biological imperative. I have to fuck this man. My man.
Men look goofy wandering around Teqi's naked. I guess men look goofy wandering around naked anywhere, other than a nudist place where everyone is naked. I loved fucking him tonight while he was still fully dressed... just pulling his cock out for my pleasure. His jeans rubbing my thighs, his shirt and jacket rubbing my bare nipples.

It is so... erotic. Stripping myself bare and him sitting there fully clothed, a club full of people surrounding us, but oblivious to anything other than each other, fucking. Just fucking. Climbing on him, sinking down on his cock, riding him, bouncing and gasping and squeezing his cock when it's buried so deep inside me.
And I cum, and cum and cum again. Over and over, waves swelling and crashing and rolling.

I can feel when he's about to fill me. I feel the tightness in his balls... the way his cock throbs inside me and I know I'm about to feel the jerking spurts as he cums with me. When we both stop, for that briefest second before he empties himself inside me. I can feel his orgasm so deep inside me... in my womb, my belly. We crash together, bodies and souls combined into one frenetic live wire, arcing and sparking and catching fire.

And then comes the nonsensical pillow talk We both blabber and laugh as we clutch each other, gasping and finding purchase, rubbing noses, kissing and mumbling and trying desperately to catch our breaths.
And quite often... hell, the man makes me cum again. He'll cup my pussy, still quivering and quaking, and whisper naughty little things in my ear, and sending me crashing all over again. And sometimes again after that.

This world we've built together... it's certainly not all sex. Some of our best moments are spent just talking. Sharing secrets and philosophizing and being goofy, or serious, and all points in between.
But, my god... the sex. Blessed, dirty, sweet, raunchy, sensuous, earth-shattering sex. 

Mine. He's mine. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.

And I am his. 


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