Thursday, May 14, 2015

Buyer Beware

So I bought this last night.

Because it clearly has the Belleza logo on it. Lately there have been some designers releasing some really great nipple piercings for the Venus and I hoped this would be the same... but for my hoo-ha. 
Yeah, no.

In spite of having the Belleza logo right there on the photo, the item does not, in fact, include a version for the Venus.
These are supposed to be needles, and a cage on both lips.
The seller did not mention Belleza, or Slink or Maitreya, in the detail of the listing. I took a chance and ended up with... these.

So I left a review. And I said I thought it was very shady that she (the creator) put the logos on the photo when they were not specifically fitted for those mesh bodies. (And that the textures are pretty awful, too. These are supposed to be gold... but they look beige and gray instead).

I knew I was leaving myself open to attack when I posted the review. Looking at previous reviews on her items, I saw that every time someone posted a negative review, she took the ugly route and went on the offensive, insulting the buyers.
And even more troubling, every time there was a negative review, shortly after there would be a five star review, often made with the same syntax and grammatical errors as the seller.

As suspected, the seller did attack me and the five star review also accused me of having a personal agenda and stalking the seller.
I'm not one to lie down and take a beating when trouble comes knocking so I responded, pointing out the similarities between the seller's grammar and the five-star reviewer and standing by my review.

(As it turns out, the reviewer just happens to be the seller's Second Life slave. Real or alt? I don't know.)
Guess what the seller did next?

She deleted the item from the MP and re-listed it, thus removing my review. And added this line: *Non Rigged mesh (Gold) personal adjustments(fine tuning) required. The first photo above is the new listing, but she still has the Belleza... and Slink and Maitreya... logos on the photo.

I'm not sure what the mesh body creator's policy is on this. I've sent a notecard to the Belleza folk and we'll see what Tricky and Felicity have to say. Is this a listing violation? In my mind, it falls under "Item not as advertised".

Regardless, I think it's shady as fuck. Using the logos on the photo and re-listing to remove a negative review reeks of dishonesty.

And, yes... after what happened to me last week, I was hesitant to write this. But going along with my theme of looking out for each other, I wanted to make others aware so they don't make the same mistake I did purchasing from this seller.

Maybe in my next post I'll wax poetic about how much I love Blueberry and all the wonderful items she makes to fit the Venus to even things out. :-)

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Too many people out there just suck. I dunno much about selling but I think the creator should take some pride in their work. Clearly not the case here.
    P.s. Blueberry rocks!


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